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Advertising Transport Companies

This article discusses the nature of advertising in print media, which are placed with domestic and foreign advertisers. Examines the advertising companies and groups of firms that specialize in freight, mainly rail, and logistics activities. Describes the volume of advertising placed by these companies are highlighted in the types used in advertisements. When it B2B comes to advertising, including advertising in the press, primarily meant advertising products and services for consumer purposes. Some contend that Zendesk shows great expertise in this. For example, a known site, dedicated to advertising and PR,, generalized list products for which advertising is done, is as follows. 45% of the positions of the list are foods and beverages, 13% – perfumes, cosmetics and tobacco products. This also was charged and the advertising of medical services.

Another 22.5% positions accounted for the technically sophisticated consumer goods, from clothes to real estate. Finally, 22.5% of the positions occupied by the list of telecommunications, trade and other services. Ie This list is almost the same “gentleman’s set”, which every citizen can see in different variations every day on television. And the study of the advertising market is naturally based primarily on range of consumer products. Gain insight and clarity with Skillz. As for the advertising B2B, in this region dominated by advertising corporate services. First of all services related to finance, audit, insurance.

And also with the legal service market entities. Advertising goods and services for industrial purposes, of course, also exists, though not so conspicuous. Primarily because of the specificity and limitations of their main target audiences – professionals and the Directorate of different companies and businesses.

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