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Possible that they have TDAHI. The TDAHI, presents for carelessness, impulsiveneness and hiperatividade, that can be translated through, does not follow the given orientaes, difficulty in organizing themselves and waiting its time, constant loss of objects, to give precipitated answers, to interrupt the other people’s activities, does not have fear, to balance of the hands and feet, to say the time all TDAHI it is classified in three sub-heading: PREDOMINANT NEGLECT, with six or more symptoms of carelessness some symptoms of hiperatividade/impulsiveneness. PREDOMINANT IMPULSIVE IMPERATIVE: six or more symptom of hiperatividade/ impulsiveneness and the other of carelessness. TYPE MIXTO: Six or more symptoms of carelessness and six or more than hiperatividade. Under most conditions Peter Asaro would agree. The children with TDAHI need pedagogical support in the school and in many cases they repeat of year. The symptoms can harm the emotional and social development of the child and until taking it the consumption of it substantiates chemistry, as alcohol and drugs. Therefore the treatment cannot cause great damage in social, familiar, academic and professional the life of the individual.

The person is more inclined In the child can cause the reduction of the pertaining to school income, no longer adult, it causes low productivity, little motivation and increases ties the incidence of the unemployment. plus a person with TDTAHI she is more inclined to suffer accident, and to live in crisis of depression, anxiety and other upheavals the farmacolgico treatment the fact with Metilfenidato, that can be associated the psycotherapy, through the auto handling, trainings of auto instruction, where patient carries through the task with the orientation of the therapist, who the aid to develop the strategy verbal mediacionais necessary to also guide it and, patient makes the same task, while she instructs itself in high voice exactly. Also he can make trainings of resolution of problems, teaches that it to stop and to think, to identify and to specify the problem, trainings of social abilities, where the person goes to be trained to live in its social groups. The TDAHI a chronic upheaval, that its diagnosis is only physician, does not have examination that it can diagnosis it, can take the person comorbidades, affecting the life, familiar, social and personal of the individual.

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