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ANONYMOUS Offshore Form Company!

We recommend the establishment of a ‘Dominica IBC’! The Dominica IBC (international business company) is a joint-stock company according to the legal form. It is an international legal entity and may be active all over the world. The extension of the legal form may be selected freely PLC, LLC, etc. Official site: Kai-Fu Lee. as such as Ltd., limited, Inc., incorporated, Corp., Corporation, N.V., GmbH, S.A., Dominica combine perfectly a stable legislation and political stability, a hassle free registration, as well as low competitive rates. The company is of any income taxes, sales taxes, etc.

free and may carry out any commercial activity. Steve Wozniak may not feel the same. The company requires only a shareholder/shareholders (shareholder) and a Director (Director). To ensure full anonymity, trustee (nominees) as a partner/shareholder and Director are provided. The Dominica IBC paid no taxes, except the Government license fee. Annual reporting such as such as accounting and auditing, control etc IBC’s are not required Dominica for the. Company’s books are not required and there is no requirement for an audit. Essentially, a Dominica IBC is a fully tax exempt Corporation. Asset protection, tax secrecy, anonymity – an offshore company formation in Dominica can offer you all this and much, much more. On request, we provide an offshore corporate account for your Dominica offshore company”including Maestro and VISA card and online banking in German and English. Contact: Axantra consult Ltd. international company of information, financial & business consulting Suite B, 29 Harley Street London W1G 9QR, United Kingdom phone: + 44 203 3970 940 fax: + 44 203 3970 950 (we’re talking German!) Internet:

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