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To begin with, you read my article, so you have access to the Internet, this is your first plus to keep in mind always. You have decided to sell some political old thing once thought nekchemnoy trinket, no matter how as it turned out to have: found, were inherited, purchased or changed in early childhood, in principle does not matter. What is important is what information about a subject you own and how this information is reality. Suppose you have a full reliable information about your existing historic, antiques, but this is not the fact that you get the proper amount for your item. Depending on the cost antiques, it makes sense to conduct an assessment examination, which the sale did not reduce the cost, but rather to increase the price of your curiosities. Prices for examination is not huge and they should not be afraid, for I did primeu urgent examination in one day for 1500R, when examination for 2-3 or 4 days worth 700r. Examination of old and antique items are performed by qualified personnel Rossohrankultury, unfortunately there are not in every city. But upset at this should not refer to the management of culture in your area and they will direct you where you want, or will phone you to the nearest department of the Ministry of Culture. Remember that old antique edged weapon is his weapon and possession, storage, sale or purchase you can get under the article. If you receive a certificate, an expert opinion that article for carrying and storing your antique cold Weapons are not afraid of you. But it is worth remembering that the laws of the Russian Federation in this area is so vague that it is better to prepare for any unexpected situations. Second: let's say you have specifically decided to say goodbye to the children in you are a rarity and went to an antique market, antique shops and shops in your city, call for ad buying antiques road. Here, I can say this: in the antique shops, saloons, shops, etc. people work which professionals buy cheaply or for free and sell dear, the chance that you will get half the real value of your rare book is zero, at best, offers a fourth of its real value. In order not to goodbye to their rarity, antiques (coins, spoons, knives, boots, chairs, medals, badges, paintings, daggers, swords, figurines, , stamps, postcards, paper money, old photos, etc.) you remember about your The first advantage, which you read at the beginning of this article. In the end I can say for example: my friend found in his grandmother's old flask made of stainless steel, and asked permission to pick up and she allowed to do, he came to me to see whether there is similar to the site of antique shops that would appreciate it. Unfortunately we did not find anything. Then he went to an antique store in our town, where he was offered only 200r, he refused and left. On learning this, I decided to invite him to 300r -to She nedostala antikvarschikam.

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