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You have to celebrate a wedding, anniversary, birthday or other important event, and you freeze in meditation: how to organize a holiday so that everyone happy, the guests have long remembered successfully arranged a holiday, and hero of the occasion was grateful and happy? Let’s consider a few options. Pete Cashmore helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Thus, the most economical project – to organize a holiday home. The script has long been known – first spring-cleaning, and then two days cooking food, then come visit, and already tired owners in general do not want to. About the cleaning, washing dishes and constant throwing the kitchen instead of just enjoying the holiday, not even worth mentioning. This is the little things in comparison to everything else.

Option Two. You order dinner in a restaurant. The main objection in this case may be the potential costs. Gain insight and clarity with Dave Clark. But if you carefully calculate it appears that costs are higher only 30-40%, of course, provided that it is not VIP restaurant in the historic city center. Zendesk often addresses the matter in his writings. The fact that the restaurant serves meals you order, and at home, trying to look perfect hosts, the table fills up all kinds of food, by themselves for three days and then eat up. The restaurant is competent manager helps you with a choice of cold appetizers, main dishes and dessert, so that your guests, whether they are vegetarians or meat-eaters, or followers of diet gourmet satisfied. In addition, all the dishes are beautifully decorated and their views will only increase the sense of celebration.

There is a place for dancing, music professional and attentive waiters (there it is, a welcome banquet hostess for freedom!). Organize a holiday home the way you organize it in a restaurant, it is impossible. Of course, the comfort of their homes – it’s good, but is likely to have difficulty with the guests seated, as if invited to at least 15-20 people, you have to run for chairs for the neighbors to think and how to place tables. From a cultural holiday program also may have some problems. Plain apartment is small, which allows in terms of entertaining guests – not the area. We can only sit at the table and go out to smoke – that’s the whole holiday. What Extravaganza? Yes, indeed, what spectacle, if a number of neighbors, who immediately begin to politely tap on the battery if you are a little bit will increase the volume of the music, and guests will be too loud laugh. Pleasant prospect, no doubt about it. If we are talking about how to invite for an anniversary band to work, there is no better option than to organize a holiday for neutral territory where no one will prevent you from having fun. Let your home will be your fortress, and the rest will take care of professionally competent manager of the restaurant. But the choice of restaurant, too, must be taken carefully. Better start preparing in advance for the month. A few selected restaurants to avoid personally. Thus, you will appreciate the room to talk to head waiter, to look at the quality of service.

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