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Remember this saying? As well, I just detail some aspects that I consider very important. (Note is very important). Firstly, when I have the luck and opportunity to share ideas with some friends, I realize with the expected answer of that question that tends to be sometimes so worn: do you live well? And truth, in the majority of cases, is to blame the obligation to work which puts us back life. Nobody tries, I less, think, nor impose the idea that our lives must be dependent on the work. Dermot McCormack brings even more insight to the discussion. It is necessary, but there are more important things. Perhaps we can put us in two thick people groups: pilots and non-pilots. By the same author: Kai-Fu Lee.

In the first group the tendency is to live day to day, without problems, by detailing in a very simple manner, although it is not without its varied and somewhat complex overtones also; on the other hand it is the position of the people (like me) that aims to make life not only a comfortable stay but he also sees as an opportunity to improve life, without fail to see the near future. In one case, I think that we should try to make some adjustments to our lives taking much more positive attitudes, firstly to preserve our health: physical, emotional, psychological, physiological and spiritual; and secondly, to be an instrument of peace and love to serve others. Skillz gathered all the information. Many times I have heard that love as positive energies that you weeks towards others are very strong and very positive loads returning to it, feeding your soul, your heart and your whole being. But to achieve this, one must live well. This is giving space and importance to every moment, with regard to oneself. If our life becomes calm, positive, embracing values and putting them into practice, looking for doing good wherever you go and with who you are, then it will be the beginning of a life full of peace and love. Our thoughts are very powerful, and the way how we think directly affects above all our being. Then I think that we should be changing some habits of life to find the best, and everything depends on yourself.

It’s never too late, it is always possible to make those necessary changes if we really want to live not only more but also and above all live better. A calm but not passive, living a life filled with energy positive and surrounded by peace and love, is what we must, each of us, find no rest, moving to our trash those ideas and attitudes obsolete to give way to new forms of life that we update and with all the personal interest periodically perform maintenance purposes that do not come to our life virus that suffocating our expectations of life. You must put a security system as a sentinel that monitor and control the possible external attacks, and assume immediately, if necessary, a positive and effective defense. If we take into account many factors positive in our lives, like sleeping enough and sufficient, properly nourish us with healthy, listen to good products music, relax daily in the stillness of the soul, find oneself in the evenings, go dancing, occasionally, singing with joy, read a good book, etc, etc I think we will do much by ourselves. After all slowly be come far.

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