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Brushes And Paint

Have in the original thing is always nice. And this does not necessarily save a lot of money or run headlong to the shops. Enough to remember school lessons in drawing and correctly apply this once skills. Will not draw on paper and on a wooden surface. This may be an entirely new pine chest of drawers, and worldly-wise wardrobe, and giving sterile office computer desk, and beloved mother-in cupboard. Paint furniture – work rewarding and exciting.

Importantly – show imagination, wit and carefully read our advice. For those who prefer the watercolor Preparation of wood for painting fit any tree. There is no such a careful selection of material, as happens, for example, when the curly threads. The main thing is to properly prepare the surface. To do this: 1.

The surface layer of paint or varnish is removed. You can use the plane, or For example, the newest hair dryer to remove the paint. 2. All defects – vyscherbliny, scratches, dents – are sealed in a mixture of small chips and pva glue (1:1). 3. surface is aligned with the cycle (this tool you can find in any shop or household goods in the market). Then treated with fine emery cloth. 4. If the tree is loose or soft surface primed with a better solution, consisting of pva glue with the addition of water (1:1). This mixture is applied to the surface with a brush. It is better to apply three coats of primer, letting dry thoroughly each previous layer.

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