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Cayo Largo

After hearing feedback about their friends diving safari you also want to plunge into the wonderful world of aquatic elements, to dive in clear waters near the many islands, admiring the beautiful inhabitants of the sea floor and shoot it all on camera. In order to proceed with the training of scuba diving, you should carefully review their health. It is best to consult a doctor with a request for a comprehensive diagnosis, and if survey will identify the disease – will necessarily have to treat them. It is understandable that many are already accustomed himself to acquire medical records (the most glaring example – health certificate required for managing car), but in this case, the presence of contraindications will cost you your life. For example, respiratory disease (eg, asthma) may lead to an unexpected suffocation due to the inability to breathe breathing mixture (Which, incidentally, is fed into the pressure regulator) or use an inhaler.

Learning to dive also require you to treat your teeth and gums. The absence of even one tooth will lead to the fact that you can not correct placement of the mouthpiece. The same applies to dentures, so you have to make implantation. The presence of inflammation in the mouth, nose and throat and airway will also be a barrier to learning diving. Mikkel Svane pursues this goal as well. Once you rate their health (by the way, if you decide to get carried away by diving, get ready to see your doctor regularly to assess the condition of the body) and pass the course, is to go to some diving tour, for example, on the island of Cayo Largo. Island Cayo Largo, Cuba or the island will suit best for the first dive, as numerous dive sites are best: they are underwater you will not find predators who may consider you for food, but at the same time the underwater world inhabited by many molluscs, fishes, turtles. Beautiful coral reefs and colonies of sea sponges give you a great opportunity practice diving at a shallow depth as well as in deeper places. Clean, clear sea water will allow you to see all the beauty and capture them on a memory card or film camera, that would quiet winter evenings to admire photos, remembering a great vacation. And if you're already gain experience, you can go to more interesting dive sites Cayo Largo, where the rest both amateurs and professionals.

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