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In this article you will learn the three main aspects to take into account when you learn the technique of tennis and how these aspects you can see them from a worker-player or a player’s point of view the first Lo artist you should know is that the tennis technique will allow you to achieve high in your game performance since this technique is a means of action that arises from the same activity already tested and perfected with the years. Whether you’re a worker player or a player artist these aspects should also be taken into account and are three aspects to take into account and to analyse when you learn the technique of tennis. The three aspects that you should keep in mind when you learn the technique of tennis are as follows: 1) the naturalness or fluidity: your body must conform in a harmonic way to that coup. Measure good times and the spatial relationship with the ball are fundamental, it is as if a dance is involved so you must learn to keep up with the coup. (2) The economy of force: you have that ensure that consume the optimal energy in each blow with settings well measured your contraction and relaxation of muscles. A wrong technique can make you consume much more energy than would have needed with the correct technique. In very hard games, dispensing energy is part of a winning strategy.

The important thing here is to understand that each blow has been refined technically with the passing of the years seeking to discharge the energy consumed versus the achieved power. (3) Efficiency: here is when you must assess whether the result of the fluidity and power optimization give the fruit you were really expecting. It is at this point where put to test your technique to verify with the effectiveness of your hits. Just remember that the technique is a line to be followed by its already proven and this will have greater or lesser weight in your style of play depending on if you’re called players stereotyped or also called players laborers or if on the contrary you are part of the creative players or also called players artists the difference between the two lies in the stereotyped or also called players players workers tend to follow the technique at the foot of the letter with very generic movements and imitating established patterns. Creative or also called players players artists tend to give your personal touch in the constant search for technical refinement and technique on the basis of the technical foundations base but always improvising, contributing becoming ultimately responsible for great contributions to the evolution of tennis technique.

Both profiles are positive, although the artist to be more creative and flexible can better optimize the resources that perform small modifications according to your type of game, physical Constitution and other factors. On the other hand, recalls that both players profiles are based on the same point: the classical technique. And it is from there and when were becoming level players will be transforming into artists players.

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