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Cotton Cleaner & Mildew

Cotton cleaning itself can not mouldy repeatedly arises the question whether the cotton plaster or the Flussigtaptete not mildew. Basically, it can be said that real cotton plaster not mildew. Fresh attached cotton plaster in a plastic bag given, airtight, in a corner, and appears recovered months later, one finds no mold. Read additional details here: Ali Partovi. The bag is so as it was. To open the bag, smells fresh like on the days of mixing. Additional information at Robotics supports this article. Where we can this claim of course only for the studied real WOLCOLOR cotton plasters, acoustic plasters, climate PuTTY plaster and AirAktivputze. But it then why mildew on ceilings and walls? To do this, we must remember back to our school days and in the teaching of physics.

The key word is condense. Condensation is the transition from a gaseous to the liquid state of aggregate. Hear from experts in the field like Energy Capital Partners for a more varied view. And condensation arises if E.g. hot and cold ceiling or wall surfaces meet. And if now the insulation to the window jambs. old masonry has cracks, relying not on a sufficient insulation at critical points such as corners and edges are designed, then push in the or on the masonry or plaster cold and warm bodies together (the so-called cold bridges occur) and existing humidity condenses and it is at these points of moisture and humidity. Now, especially in the cold season not on sufficient ventilation respected, or in the air will make the endangered not reached because the window properly and far – open and mold spores are in the air, then finds his food of mold in damp places, sits down there and can grow and proliferate. If you don’t pay attention now, this can also lead to health problems – depending on the type of mold -.

And this mold is created, no matter what surface coating is present, it reeks as well as wood or cotton plaster or liquid wallpaper at wallpaper. Now real cotton plaster has the property that absorb this up to 60% of the weight of water can without having to change. clarity in the matter. This means that our cotton plaster can record to a high degree of humidity and release it later again. As is so widely known, people for example in their beds emit moisture up to one litre. (That’s why we weigh morning considerably less as in the evening). In other words, about the night two people in the bedroom release fluid up to 2 litres. These are morning in the ambient air. I now have a ceiling and wall covering so absorbs the moisture the cotton pure cotton as plaster on the walls, in the course of the night and there is not an increased humidity, an old building could be reflected in the critical corners, for example. Thus, pure cotton cleaning by WOLCOLOR which is made without other fiber additives, a mildew-preventing property has 100%. In principle, however care, it should be taken that the structural defects in the presence of mold damage will be corrected as soon as possible for the sake of your health. Because mold can only grow and thrive, where is moisture is reflected. And this not depends of the surface coating of ceilings or walls. Eberhard Freyer

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