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24% of respondents use dental floss every day. In America, Los Angeles is located at 45% first place a beautiful smile is obligatory in Hollywood! Absolute peak reach the cities in the UK. In Glasgow, proud 86% use dental floss daily! This makes the British number one, followed closely by London and Manchester City. And even in direct comparison with the Germans, the British are clear front. While in Germany 58% of people never or rarely maintain their teeth with dental floss, there are only 20% in the UK! Time problems prevent the weird part often good intentions: on average the Germans estimate even higher the importance of healthy teeth as the British! But how come then the poor poll numbers? “Rachel Scharfman, brand manager of DenTek oral care, sees the cause with the life habits: cumbersome and time consuming” think so many dental floss. In our today’s fast lifestyle a really often simply lacks the time.

Exactly in these problems, we apply our products: the DenTek FLOSS sticks or interdental brushes make cleaning the teeth simply, quickly and efficiently. And they are also traveling very convenient. If you got our sticks in the purse, in the car or at the Office here, you can do at any time for a healthier, more beautiful smile.” Quickly and easily maintain the polls make it clear that the Germans in dental care have still need to catch up with other countries. The time problem raised by Scharfman is only one reason for the expandable results. Further, 29.7% stated that in principle not to like dental floss 27.7% use mouthwash as a replacement and 18.2% keep dental floss for matters that are the main reasons for the rare use of dental care products so convenience and lack of comfort. Practical dental floss sticks could be the solution, to basically motivated people To facilitate use of dental floss.

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