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Differences in Jewelry

As another example illustrating the differences jewelry from jewelry can cause artificial pearls. In total, there are several kinds of pearl products from which can be found on the shelves of jewelry stores. First of all, in this respect should be called a natural pearl. Oddly enough, but for the aesthetic qualities of natural pearls can and give particular quality artificial. First, natural pearls can not be as ideal proportions as artificial. And this applies not only to the pearls, which is obtained by collecting shells from the sea bottom.

Pearls that are grown in artificial conditions, too, is neither the ideal form, or color of the surface of pearls. Accordingly, and in the products it will not look as bright as a man. However, there Human intervention in natural processes is still made some adjustments and lets you control certain parameters of pearls. But this is not possible to get such a result as in the case of machining. As for what types of jewelry with pearls can be attributed to the jewelry, it should be said that there are a number of nuances.

To date, there are at least several types of artificial pearls. And pearls are made by some technologies is very high-tech product. And therefore its price is also quite high. As an example, pearl beads, which are made of glass and porcelain. For the manufacture of coatings, a special coloring pearl celluloid item and varnishes. Thanks to technology in the processing result is quite expensive imitations, which by their quality characteristics are not inferior to natural pearls.

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