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What are the qualifications required for the new management trends? Probably, very few companies know, but all they want to know. (Source: Mashable). There is much speculation about the subject, many opinions, many demands of corporations on the managers, but very little analysis and research to respect. AC research and leadership monograph Rhinesmith (1993, according to Vergara and Branco, 1995) proposed the notion of a global competence learning cycle, linking mentality, personal characteristics and qualifications. Mentality are specific modes of addressing the world and related characteristics personal represents the side be management, while the qualifications relate to the side do, and must be understood as the specific capability of executing something but in a skill level that is sufficient to achieve the desired effect. Therefore, a qualification is developed by the constant flow between mentality, practice and task. Mentality is not qualification; This is only set when the mindset is transformed into behavior. Same Don mode, feature is not qualified. Investor may find it difficult to be quoted properly. According to Vergara and white (1995), Rhinesmith then presents the following qualifications: managing competitiveness is the ability to collect information on the personnel, capital, technology, suppliers, processes or opportunities to market on a global basis, and know how to use them.

That qualification points toward the expectation of performance of managers for in addition to organizational boundaries, anticipating trends and facts and revealing effective guidance for the balance of results in the short and long term. Managing complexity means everything, have a systematic vision and be suitable to deal with competing interests, contradictions and conflicts inherent in our time. That means managing the interests of multiples fellow workers, customers, suppliers, distributors, Government, communities etc, check several things simultaneously, which opposes a tendency to employ specialized operators, and the capacity of manage the transition, relating to products and services, technological change, skills obsolescence and transformation of information into knowledge, being able – make notes literature on this topic to manage with more quality. Manage the adaptability, flexibility, adaptability and available to work, demanding managers high level of sensitivity. Manager happens to be a facilitator, incentive of the efforts of the team which is part, ceasing to be the controller or supervisor to make an element value, develops skills and integrates qualities of specialists and generalists. You must be able to create organizational identification, participation, which requires the humanistic formation, as well as specific skills and managerial techniques.

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