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Downing Street

Bobby, fictitious name, outlines a smile when he talks about the temptation. It is difficult to pass a trade that is being looted and not take a computer that you know that you can not buy. Bobby is 24 years old. He is black, he left College – although speaks of economy and politics with basis – and resides in the London district of Tottenham. He admits that he was present at the riots that rocked the past weekend this neighborhood in which any young woman spoke of a number 10 which is not that of Downing Street. So they called the youth center that came, which closed in June because of drastic budget cuts. It was a man born in Guyana for more than 50 years to which everyone knows as Uncle (uncle) Berkeley. This looting is not the result of a racial conflict. In Enfield another district of the British capital, the vast majority of the looters are white, explains. Source of the news:: “Not hear us, they just repress”

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