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Today I have created with the help of some connoisseurs and compilation of east information article for you those that want to be good unfaithful. I know that I am doing something that goes against my principles of fidelity and that will hate the pairs to me that learned to being unfaithful. But even so I want to put this information to its disposition. Well, we begin! To be unfaithful it is not necessary that it advises them to nobody; clear that, except I in this post. Simply you must leave house, to seduce the first neighbor (or neighbor) and to give four meneos him in the elevator. But I am afraid that is not the infidelity, that much is an overheating that can haceros time and time again jump the meeting of the butt in the form of kitchen roller striking them in the head. To be unfaithful it is necessary to mark a plan, to secure a discreet place, music, flowers, has dinner Hay to work it.

Here modest advice so that their infidelity is more fruitful or like less a little more bearable go. Where to be unfaithful? They exist multitude of places where you can to enjoy your infidelity without danger that our pair does not see them in horizontal position with which is not she herself. We speak of hotels, by discounted. The advantages of a hotel? At the most luxurious he is better will be the impression than we will cause. The disadvantages? At the most luxurious it is but money will cost the joke to us.

But what I recommend to them from these humble lines they are the apartments per hours. They are very many but comfortable, discreet and cheap. You can find telephones in any newspaper (in the classified announcements) But do what you never do you take to the other person to the marital address and mainly never you practice the sport of the infidelity in the car or the beach.

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