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Elle MacPherson And Bryan Adams Of A Few?

Romantik is situated in the air, at least in the Australian supermodel Elle MacPherson and the Canadian rocker Bryan Adams. The two should be for a month together. nce. Bryan and Elle were spotted parked at a private party, after he opened an exhibition of his self-made photographs. The party ran under Mexican theme, but followed the Fiery out there. There he took off namely a heartfelt hug from Elle.

It looked as if it would please him. A source said “one them noted that they like, even if they tried to be not always so close to each other. But also the looks that far to they threw themselves from the, were clear. Because what’s going on between the two “.” Bryan Adams agent but can be said that the two are not a couple but only “good friends”. Yes, where have you heard all, and a short time later it was then officially. Remains to be seen how it evolved…

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