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Well, that's all. Time to work with the designer OS.nLite When you run nLite will politely ask us to provide service in the form of election to the language of interaction with the utility (by default you will 'talk' in Shakespeare's dialect). Choose a great and powerful, and in the next window, specify the path to the created directory i386XP. After a ten-second delay the screen will alert you to software models of 'windows', language settings service pack, version, title 'net' in megabyte equivalent. In 'Pre installation' displays the most recent build. If the program starts for the first time, this window will not cause the user any special interest. Read more here: Robotics. But the function of 'choice of tasks' provides complete manipulation operations ('integrate', 'delete', 'setting', 'create an ISO-image') to build its assembly. The first item on the order of "service pack" allows you to integrate SP3.

By the way, the official Links to the site Microsoft, are listed in the window do not work:). So look for a package in another location. Next, nLite allows drivers to implement in the OS (format. Inf), hot fixes and third-party software (browser, player, etc.). Menu 'Elements', by contrast, remove the perpetrators, in which was named after this point. Red highlighted option off which can break the OS. But does the ASUS need support on AMD, AGP filters and FireWire? But support for 'saber' devices and batteries are best left alone. Also, do not see the point of a laptop with a flash card set defragmentation, and games (Beware) "that annoying dog in the search ':).

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