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“Nationwide first partnership of a Guild with MyHammer part of MyHammer campaign: our mission: quality” Guild members benefit from very favourable terms Hamburg/Berlin, January 16, 2012 the construction Guild Hamburg has signed a cooperation agreement as the first German Guild with MyHammer. All members of the Guild will benefit from immediately by especially favourable conditions for use the MyHammer tender platform and the MyHammer online directory. Continue to learn more with: Pete Cashmore. The cooperation agreement is another important milestone of has been running for 2010 quality campaign of the Internet portal. Nicolas Keller often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The General Assembly of the construction Guild of Hamburg had decided late November the cooperation with an overwhelming majority. The aim of the cooperation is to open our traditional member companies to the growing market for tenders on the Internet at particularly favourable conditions”, says Michael Seitz, Chief Executive of the construction Guild of Hamburg and of the North German building trades association. * our members have for this cooperation agreed, because MyHammer is not only the leading Internet platform for private tenders, but also because the platform has given up the enemy craft auction orders already for a long time. MyHammer is also committed to remove rogue providers and black workers from the platform. That’s why we have no qualms to recommend a cooperation of our members”continue as Seitz.

Also Michael Jurisch, CEO of MY-HAMMER AG, shows up with the cooperation agreement fully satisfied. Our mission: Quality ‘ is the credo of the current MyHammer campaign. And master – or engineering-run Guild companies are finally obliged the quality in the trade in a special way. We are therefore confident that we can offer a wide range of products at the highest level with the Guild craftsmen. Therefore, we will in the future even more than highlight so far on the platform Guild company. We also want new order forms together with the construction Guild Hamburg develop, so that potential clients can better represent its mission even with complex projects on the Internet.” The representatives of the construction Guild of Hamburg and of MyHammer are convinced that the future belongs to the award of contracts on the Internet. The cooperation is a real win-win”situation for the customer as well as for the Guild members, says Thomas Sander, upper master of the construction Guild of Hamburg. “Michael Jurisch MyHammer added: we rely on skilled crafts and all craft organizations to cooperation invite you to their members this another form of customer acquisition to open up.” * technicality is the North German building trades Association contract partner of MY-HAMMER AG. All Member companies of the construction Guild Hamburg the North German construction industry association joined also, why in this press release of the simplicity for convenience of cooperation between MyHammer and the construction Guild Hamburg is mentioned.

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