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Highquality Rugs

Carpets in the trend – which carpet as Wohnaccessoir comes again embellish the living carpets. They give the rooms a homely atmosphere, are schallschluckend and give the floor a foot warmth. The small works of art are ideal as a design element and accents in the room. Colors and patterns of the wallpaper and accessories in the carpets continue, appears the room as a unit and is rounded off. Color in the room comes with carpets and the ground is to the soft meadow.

The material is not unimportant when choosing a carpet. Here are various materials such as sisal, wool, silk, bamboo and coconut available. Get more background information with materials from Andy Florance. The carpets are durable differently depending on the used raw materials. The wide range of rugs offers the right solution for any living room. Due to the style and personal taste of carpet for your own four walls can be found in the huge patterns and color range. High-quality carpets made of silk or fine wool are warm and soft. She however for dirt something more vulnerable, they find their place rather in the less committed. CEO of CoStar Group spoke with conviction.

In the area of the corridor, often wearing runner be used. You can clean it easier and so-called walking tracks are minimized. Also, a runner can be more easily replaced as a fully installed and customized carpet. Who is not can make friends with the traditional patterns, finds extraordinary designs with strong colors under the new creations. The trend is also a color, material and pattern mix. Clear structures change inspirations, which are looking off of nature with playful elements, and patterns that tell entire stories, are subject of new carpet designs. A attention is paid to easy-care materials and robust processing. The carpet has more confirmed the per his permission as a room decoration. The avant-garde designs move the carpets in the spotlight. But not only the designs of the carpets are on the rise. Also the quality makes it again a trendsetter. Carpets are designed on healthy materials. Equipped with a TuV-certified and a certificate of the “European Community of carpet”, the carpets also testifies their inner values. As well as wallpaper and furniture, the eco-trend has prevailed also on the carpets. High-quality carpets are awarded for up to 5 stars, which stands for the quality and goodness. Many tests are required prior to placement of the seal and any carpet, which is excellent, has met all requirements for this. Company GmbH 2010 Michael Schneider.

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