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This "trend" is seriously concerned about the directors of HR, because the need develop its employees become a duty. Peter Asaro may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Social insurance, preferential loans, health insurance – required elements of a "powerful argument" that should be available in specialist staff, during a conversation with the applicant. Unfortunately, in most organizations, social benefits perceived by staff as a tribute, not a motivational factor. A related site: mentions similar findings. Consider other forms of remuneration received by employees. Conditionally divide them into independent and dependent. Independent types of compensation the employee receives, in any case, but the dependence is associated with the need to make an effort. As we have said, compensation may be a factor in motivation only if employees believe that scaling up increases the likelihood of receiving it.

An example is the premium paid staff after a successful completion of the project. In practice, efforts should be rewarded only if they lead to an increase in labor productivity and improve quality. "Teacher and student sitting by the fireplace and drinking coffee. The old man said: – Today you will know the main secret of this business – it's motivation. Not everyone can motivate their distributors.

There are many forms of motivation: the event, individual work, stories about successful distributors, that is going on in parallel or branch in another city. A man listens to the stories and moves on to self-motivation, and it is – the most powerful form of motivation. If there is no motivation, there will be no business. When a person starts earning money, it becomes a powerful motivation.

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