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Liquid Shinkarenko

Even during the war, in hospitals, doctors discovered that mud cakes are well cleaned festering wounds and promote rapid healing of them. Microflora of purulent wounds – streptococci and staphylococci are killed. Later in the laboratories of the institute found in the mud the presence of such organic substances, such as bacteriophages, organic acids and penitsillinopodobnye substance. We even managed to allocate concentrate these substances, the so-called ‘Liquid ‘. The presence of hydrogen sulfide in the mud, carbon dioxide and methane, significantly increases its active effect. Should mention the one major expedition, conducted by the Central and Pyatigorsk institutions balneology in 1965, which aimed to trace the processes and calculate reserves mud in the sediments of the lake.

More than two exploration wells have been laid in various parts of the lake. By estimates vm Pereletova common stocks mud in the lake was 2.6 million tonnes, of which 30% vysokokonditsionnoy black mud. Work, except for reserve calculation, allowed to give scientific advice on the most favorable mode of life of the lake and to its sanitary protection. Mud treatments are successfully used in treating diseases of the joints and bones, peripheral nervous system, stomach, intestine and liver. Receive these treatments adults teenagers and children. At four resorts annually mud treatments received more than 120 thousand patients daily in four mud released about 5000 mud treatments. Read more from koch brothers to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Currently, the needs of the resorts are spent annually 10.12 thousands of tons of mud. With favorable water-salt reserves of mode of dirt in the lake to recover and he is not facing depletion.

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