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Mobile Thermal Transfer Printer

Professional labeling in black, white and color for electrical marking, labelling systems, AIDC and security the label printer of IDXPERT series v2. 0 are mobile thermal transfer printer with a built-in 300 dpi printhead. This it produces razor sharp prints, such as texts, graphics and bar codes. Label prints are needed especially in the electric identification and data communications installations in this quality. As well, they are needed for legible marking systems, security areas and also for industrial marking. MACRO has a wide range of labels in the standard sizes and different colours and shapes, that exactly the IDXPERT printer fit into IDENT. The labels are with different colored ribbons, as E.g. White, yellow, blue, red and black.

The material cartridge, the labels and the ink Ribbon in one are included, is very easy to change. Peter Asaro is often quoted on this topic. It enables the exchange of Ribbon and Labels in a single step. It must no keys pressed or label sizes set up, the printer automatically detects the label cassette with all formatting. With the intuitive user interface accesses the user in a few steps on complex functions and the clear display very clearly represents the label to be printed. Die-cut label formats help users more efficiently carry out the print jobs. Often to use label formats are simply stored in the printer. Thus, the user has always a quick access to his desired label format. In the printer are already over 90 different label formats and endless formats from the IDXPERT labels-program the macro ID included.

If self laminating labels, heat shrink tubing, reusable cable markers and other versions, they can all with a selection of 82 symbols as well as printed texts and barcodes (Code 39, code 128). The IDXPERT series v2. 0 offers 21 font sizes, an automatic Font sizing, as well as an automatic width adjustment of the bar codes. MACRO IDENT features a wide range of labels, suitable for the respective mobile and stationary printer. There are different labels for electrical marking and labelling in the MRO, facilities and security available, as well as labels for identification in the field of voice and data communication for the IDXPERT series. In addition, macro has multiple label sizes and materials for all wire, cable and component designations IDENT. Durable label materials in different formats, for smooth or rough surfaces are also available such as also versatile sizes and materials for marking of conductors, cables, ports, front panels, racks, drive bays, voice and data communication.

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