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If the language presents diatpicas variations (variant regional, local speeches etc.), diastrticas variations (cultured level, popular level, language standard etc.) and diafsicas variations (written language, said language, literary language etc.), compete to the user inside intuir the context of these internal variations for the use of the language. &#039 is known that; ' the language standard, for example, even so either one enters the many varieties of a language, is always most prestigious, because it acts as model, as norm, as ideal lingustico of one comunidade' '. (WEDGE, 1985) To attribute to the user the responsibility of the discernment how much to the application of these variations with the knowledge of the cultured norm, it is reached sphere of the education of Portuguese Language, whose function is to enable learning to autonomy of reasoning in the verbal communication, exploring reading and writing. The reading provides to the internalizao of basic grammatical rules and ' ' ensina' ' to organize thoughts. The writing is the exercise of joint of the thought that must be with clarity and correction.

These modalities are not gifts alone in the routine of intellectuals, but of any inserted citizen in a society scholar, where ' ' to write well is a question of sobrevivncia' ' (BLIKSTEIN, 2010). Initially, for production of a good text it is necessary to dissociar the practical one of speaks of the writing. In the present article, such practical as analogous, however distinct are above-mentioned. The written texts that circulate, in the modern society (century XXI), are diverse and have the ones that if more than approach the said texts, as in the MSN, blog, to twitter and others that not only are part of this digital world, as for example, the ticket. This new half for which the communication if fulfills foments the writing, what is very to salutar, however, with this, is fortified a problem, that not yet was solved previously: the lack of ability to write well a text, respecting the involved situation.

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