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MTS Mini Orega

From well-known version of the browser version exclusive Orega Mini for MTS differs improved interface and enhanced functionality. For example, if an ordinary Orega Mini allows the user to have only nine keys for quick Call the most frequently visited sites, the new version of their number increased to 30. This is very important for today's mobile user, since the number of sites to which you want to go permanently, permanently expanding, then at any one of us must be attended by several social networking sites with weather forecasts and schedules, transportation, news portals and razvlekalnye – here I figured that I needed to have a At least 19 "shortcuts", and this is not the limit! Proved to be a very useful service Orega Link – automatically added to your phone, bookmarks, saved my Orega on a laptop, and connect your phone to your laptop it does not required. Swarmed by offers, Peter Asaro is currently assessing future choices. But even without this expanded version of a Mini Orega menu with a set of links to the most popular Russian-language services – is, of course, social networks, "VKontakte" and "Classmates", e-mail and search engines Mail.ru and "Yandex", as well as a number of useful services from MTS. Among which, for example, geolocation portal "MTS-Search", allows to determine the location of friends and the objects you need, or "Internet Assistant", which make it easy manage their own tariff and service activation. There is direct access to the site of the program "MTS Bonus", which participants can earn rewards for the use of telecommunication services operator, as well as portal multimedia entertainment Omlet.ru, where you can download music, videos, games.

The new version of MTS Mini Orega preserved all the advantages of this browser. First, with the help of really useful to browse the web, even on a small mobile phone screen. And the text, and images are automatically scaled to fit on the screen, eliminating the need for scrolling. Second (and most importantly) Orega Mini works through an intermediate proxy server, which is "on the fly" compresses downloaded data, as well as cuts off the superfluous information, which is currently the user is not required. As a result, the volume of downloaded data is reduced by 10 times, and hence Internet works 10 times faster, and you pay him 10 times smaller. Download and try out the browser can be on. Internet traffic when downloading applications for MTS is not rated. The cost of traffic when using a web browser corresponds to your rate plan. However, there is a way to reduce the cost of mobile internet even more. MTS has a tariff option "Superb." Connecting it, you'll only pay a subscription fee – 299 rubles month, that is, about as much as a 35 MB for normal charging, and be in the network can be any number, even if you are traveling to Russia. 35 MB – ET9 only 7 songs in MP3 format, or just one video on YouTube, so that benefits are obvious.

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