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Nueva California

20 soles, about 50 m. beyond another barricade us arrested were leaders of the stop! Didn’t want silver wanted our sweat! We go down and walk to Trujillo, a heated political discussion and work useless and irrelevant made us lose time, amid screams and threats had to walk; amid bushes or smashed walls hid motorcycle taxis that were offered to bring us a few meters beyond to 5 soles, some accepted others walked, we again had to pagarcupo to a few four barricades, so exhausted and without silver most passengers already were in the Viru bridge, they were because the 9 or 10 at night about 6 km. was the tollHence said that already there were policemen and mobility to which us Heve Trujillo, some advised us waiting for that dawn, but said there are just 6 km! have already done much, so we decided to arm ourselves with stones for dogs and We assume, after a while of walking in the night we arrived at Nueva California, a mob of young people, in their majority, received us with insults we decided to give them 2 Suns us rejected! they did not want tips, wanted our suitcases and backpacks, wanted our coats, our shoes, stones on both sides and run stated, I saw how three passengers stripped them meanly, I don’t know how we missed that blessed place, we continue walking and arrived at Los Pinos, a hamlet situated 1 Km from the toll, here the peat was most numerousagain a rain of stones and insults welcomed us, chicha music, which served as a background for this assault, again played an old carousel saw they desvalijaban other two passengers, we had to retreat to a little store, in our group came trouts and distinguished ladies who had crossed this stretch from Chimbote, but just not respected them!, so we had to draw a military-type strategy to leave Los Pinos and reaching the toll, We had to convince a villager who had an old Honda 125 ce to make us move up the toll, initially unwilling, but 10 soles per passenger (we were like 15) convinced it quickly, us disfrazamos with straw, with chullos hats and up with ponchos, to be able to wander through the dark streets of this hamlet, mislead thieves and reaching the toll, when it was undergoing this toll I saw brave policemen who smoked and drank coffee or heard music of today, comfortably seated, increpamos les entering the hamlet and bail out some ten passengers we looked at each other, murmured among themselves and gave us back, before that I taken by rebellious, I decided to upload a Tico to 10 soles, so take me until Trujillowould be 2 a.m.; behind were several villages which had never heard, but where they are housed amount of criminals, who are faithful to its sociological definition in favor of unemployment because that allows them to steal, I slept thinking that if Jose Carlos Mariategui I lived would write the eight trials of the Peruvian reality.

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