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Ordinary Cars

In the 60 th consecutive season, we witnessed the introduction of a completely new technology in the F1 race cars. It is a system recovery of kinetic energy. Well, briefly, just kers. This system stores the energy that is released when braking and sends it to the special 'akkamulyator, where it is collected and stored. And the pilot, in which the bolide is installed, the system may each round for 6 seconds, use this system, which, if properly used to accelerate the car. Formula 1 is already in many cases has been field testing of new technologies. kers plans to use in simple everyday cars. Everything is done for the economy.

Typically, pilots of use when trying to overtake his rival, or just better to go round. In this case, it is more useful to begin to use the turn before the long straight, because the lower the rate, the more noticeable kers impact on the speed of the car. Likewise, kers and helps defend the pilots in some cases. There were moments when the pilot that goes back already settle on vperediischuschego, and little by little through the air bag inflates, chased him, but only up to As long as the first did not include its own system, then it became really difficult to overtake. And the naked eye could see, like race car driver going ahead slowly but surely breaks away from the opponent. At the start of kers can also give a huge preemuschestvo. We have already seen this season, Fernando Alonso just broken through the line from 9 th to third place.

Raikkonen with 10 on 5-th place. And a lot of cases. kers in Formula 1 and really helps. But there is another side medals. This is her weight. After kers does not weigh a few pounds. And as much as 40. For formula-1 is too much. Fireballs, using kers weigh more than others, and the balance of car worse. Engineers have to rack their brains that would set all without prejudice to aerodynamics of the car. That is why now, with the kers there were only 2 teams: Ferrari and McLaren. While the rest of the team promises to deliver the system on those routes where it really gives preemuschestvo. That tracks with long straight, such as in Belgium, and Italy.

Rail Flooring

For example, the installation of a round socket in the following manner. For a start is made Circular snap. You will need a rake. The length of rail should be somewhat larger than the radius of the socket, the distance between the nail and the center of the hole for a pencil is exactly equal to the radius of the outlet. Nail set on the plywood in the center of the place on which to lie socket.

Turning Rail around the nail, draw a circle with a pencil. If the outlet is small, you can use an ordinary compass. Then lay the flooring, several passes over the contour of the circle. On the floor, draw the same circle, raising the rail on the nail on the thickness of the flooring. Attach the rail milling machine, aligning the outer edge of the cutting blades with drawn by the circle. Give the wood floor to dry out (in case lays him on the adhesive basis). After this by using milling machines cut the "extra" space on the parquet pencil loop, turning the rail around the site bindings.

If a milling machine you do not, you can neatly cut down extra space, then handle the saw cut emery cloth. Plywood, which will go under the socket, clean the dust from a vacuum cleaner. Apply glue to the plywood base and the base of the socket, as well as on the ends of the flooring and the socket on the perimeter. Place the socket on the glue and check on her weight at the time of the adhesive. Cargo should be installed where possible on the entire surface outlets, including its center. Once the glue dries, sand the parquet floor with outlet and cover the floor polish. Laying polygonal sockets are not too different from this technology. Only in this case, you need a pencil to outline the contours of the socket itself. Be extremely careful under her space in the laid floor. If, however, was a mistake, the gap between the main and parquet rosette to seal the filler to match the wood floor, and only then move on to decorating. Curbs are designed for installation in parquet floors to their jewelry, as well as to implement the separation of functions in the doorway, arches, border patterns. This may solve problems of common stylistic combination of interior design with a pattern laying flooring, as well as a headset from the rosettes, borders and modules in the flooring. Mount technology curbs the following: draw a line on the plywood along the border of laying the curb. Lay a parquet floor, stepping over the line in towards the walls. Apply a line to the floor along the border styling border with lace and a ruler. Once the glue hardens a bit and parquet can not move when sawing, cut the edge of the flooring on the line. Clear plywood on the edge of the parquet. Apply glue to the back of curb. Place the curb flush with flooring. Secure the border with nails, stample in a free end. Lay the strips of parquet from the curb to wall with a gap of 10-12 mm from the wall. Once the glue has hardened, do grinding and spraying the curb along with a parquet floor.

The Design Of Plastic Products And Equipment

The design of plastic products significantly affects the shape design (depends on technological products) and quality product which, in turn, depend on the technology of its manufacture, and from its design. In connection with this product should be designed in conjunction with analysis of its workability. Please be aware that in some cases, the error inherent in product development, it is impossible to fix a choice shape design. When designing plastic products strive to achieve rational conditions of flow material in the form, accuracy of manufacture, reduction of internal stresses, warpage, cycle manufacturing. Injection molding pressure used for the manufacture of parts made of thermoplastics and thermosets. When injection molding material in granular or powder form comes in plastikatsionny cylinder of the molding machine, where the heated and stirred rotating auger (a screw-type machines). In reciprocating engines mastication is carried out only by heating.

During the processing of thermoplastic cylinder is heated to 200-350 C, the processing of thermosets to 80-120 C. The plasticized material in the forward motion of the screw or the plunger is forced into the casting mold, which thermoplastics are cooled to 20-120 C (depending on the brand), and thermosets heated to 160-200 C. The mold material can withstand the pressure to seal, which greatly reduces shrinkage while cooling out of shape. Injection molding produces custom-made products. This method is the most prevalent in most industrial processing of thermoplastics.

Him, but much less frequently also used for the manufacture of parts of some species reactive. The main advantages of plastic injection molding pressure include: universality in the processed forms of plastics, high performance mode, the automated process, the high accuracy of the products, the ability to manufacture parts highly complex geometric shapes, unattainable by using other technologies. In addition, injection molding manufacture products reinforced, hybrid, hollow, multi-colored, of foamed plastics, etc. Method allows us to mold the product mass from fractions of a gram to kilograms. Known examples are the production of injection molded parts for handbrake hours (weight 0,006 g), window frames and even fragments of bathrooms with installed valves (weight 150 kg). Organic feature of the method is its cyclicity, that, in general, hinders the performance of this process, compared with continuous technology.

Logging Finnish

Features logging. Finnish Experts predict that in the near future, Russia will go on Scandinavian technology logging Dodgy machine called "Harvester" grabbed the trunk of the nearest pine. Moment – sawn wood. But do not drop hammer and tongs – arm gently lowers him to the ground. Whack – and the barrel cleared of twigs and branches.

Whack again – and sawed the neat logs. Per tree takes no more than two minutes. We stand on plot with the owner of 45 hectares of forest lawyer Pekka Niemensivu. He seems a bit sad about the trees sold. But do not take place and six months, as the former plot ambush neat rows of two years of firs. And the heirs are also will be able to sell the forest, when he grows up and matures. Forest that our northern neighbors grows.

Almost like we – the potatoes. Renewable Supplies When you go to Finland, unwittingly draws attention to how rising planted on the ground former forest plots: firs and pines grow together, in neat rows stretching to the sun. For same age can be established and boundaries of the site: here planted forest five years ago, and here – about ten years. The author of these lines always doubted that ironed caterpillars skidders Russian plots can any "self-seeding." Not surprisingly, the place of noble conifers grow in our aspen, but the best – birch, if not completely weed bush. It is worth considering that processing facilities for hardwood in Russia virtually none.

Powder Coating

Powder coating – a promising technology for deposition of decorative coatings on metal and other surfaces, which arose in 60 th – 70 th years of xx century. She got a lightning-evolved, and completely replaced from a number of branches of traditional paints and varnishes. This is explained by the fact that the powder coating outperformed other methods as soon as all the main parameters: cost, environmental friendliness, safety and reliability. Even in aesthetic properties of the coating powder coating ahead of liquid colorants. Environmental security – one of the main requirements of today to the production technologies. Powder color does not require the use of toxic solvents, but the process is organized so that the release of substances into the environment there is practically no. This immediately brought the powder coating on the leading position in the of decorative coatings for metal.

The second important factor is affordability. This concerns both the cost of the paint itself and the energy consumption required to operate the equipment. Powder coating can save up to 40% of energy is well tuned and rational use of nebulizers. Paint can be applied to the surface with only one layer – for liquid materials, it is unacceptable, the coating will unstable and quickly circled. But powder coating allows for high strength even at a single-layer deposition.

The cameras are installed powder coating recuperators – devices that return is not settled on surface of the paint products in the production cycle. Thanks to their work up to 97% of paint used for its intended purpose, and the rate of waste is minimal. In addition, all work on the powder coating can be automated – exactly work leading companies that provide similar services. This allows, firstly, to increase the safety of the process (employees do not come into direct contact with the coloring matter), and secondly, significantly increase the speed of powder coating and reduce the cost of its implementation.

Gas Silicate Building Blocks

When allowance is made fairly good insulating performance of products from aerated concrete exterior walls of buildings made of masonry with a width equal to the thickness of the aerated concrete blocks. The external cladding can also be constructed with the outer layer of the ceramic block, used for aesthetic reasons. Under certain conditions, if there is a need to build a wall with high sound-proofing parameters, it can be done with an additional layer of soundproof. The internal walls of concrete blocks must be put as a double, with sound insulation between the layers. Silicate blocks can also be used for the construction of basement walls, with provided that the groundwater below the base.

Basement walls are placed in direct silicate blocks with vertical joints filled with cement. Basement walls require high-quality waterproofing with materials. If there are difficulties with the implementation of these terms of basement walls befits the traditional design of the concrete. Enclosing placed vertically or at an angle, you want to connect with by ligation of the elements of masonry or butt. Enclosing , erected, you want to bind only to the dressing.

In this case, at the level of overlap is necessary to provide reinforced concrete crown. Wall blocks of aerated concrete joints with walls made of other building materials, erected as a rule butt. In this case, at block dressings often include fixing the walls in one row of blocks in using connecting elements. Fasteners used for connecting the partitions of the silicate units with main walls. Presence in the exterior wall insulation layer breaks distribution load from the upper floors to lower the concentration of stress, and initiates, which as a result may cause cracks in the wall of the insulated layer. Also cause the appearance of clusters of tension in the wall over the thermal insulation cover is the effect of fixing the slabs in the wall. To counter the emergence of such cracks is required to put in over the overlapping seam reinforcement. The clutch is present beneath the windows significant change in loads. In order to prevent occurrence of cracks must be in solution under the final layer of aerated concrete blocks, fixed in two grooves filled with a solution of the reinforcing rod. When the load on column is higher than 70 percent of its maximum load, this fixture is required to put in the last row of blocks of cellular concrete. The depth of building structures is determined by local conditions of groundwater level and absence or presence of a basement. Aerated concrete can also be used for the manufacture of wall basements, but in this case requires careful protection from moisture using quality materials. The advantage of this approach, apart from one manufacturing technology designs and uncomplicated insulation crown over basement, is also getting excellent ground-floor rooms without the need to insulate wall. The area around the building is necessary to issue so as to ensure full flow of rainwater from the building. To achieve this, it is recommended to lay around the building are of concrete slabs. Another solution could be cover of coarse gravel backfill around the basement of the building.

Maintaing Your Own Website

What can be engaged in supporting the site what it is (just add articles and materials), the difference with the support of their forces and contractors. Maintaining the relevance of your suggestions, Description of contracts, that you received from "registered" customers, showcase their latest works. Yes, this is a typical answer to this question. On any website which offers support, provided by these arguments. In fact, it's not objective. And do not even requirements.

Maintaining the relevance of the proposals? The client can always call and find relevance. Contracts of registered customers? And these "customers" know what you have for doing something? Are they? Demonstration of the latest work? And they just yours? Or you scanned them with Western journals, and the client had invented. These "reasons" you can find more than one hundred, and all of them, we can think of an answer, the questioning of the result that you get. Why? Because any decoy can not withstand criticism. In fact, support for pursuing your own site just two goals. Acquire new customers Retain old / current can argue and prove to the hp website or ibm, they say they Site no one called to be their client and do not write "Stay with us, but if briefly analyze their site, the site is used to provide opportunities and technical information, drivers, updating software for their technology. This reduces the load on call center and irate customers do not throw away recently bought a laptop in the trash, because the driver that came with the laptop for the built-in network card is outdated and does not allow configure the network. Ie client, even in situations when he sold the goods with outdated software can go to their site and download the updated version. So the primary problem has been solved – the client will continue to further use technology from hp. Ie hp website still is designed to keep their clients "from themselves."

Sheet Metal

Most industrial uses in products obtained with the help of metal. Sheet metal is in the manufacture of automobiles, construction of facilities, railways, manufacture of various machinery, tools, as well as construction of buildings. Sheet metal is used in various branches of human activity. Today the sheet metal did not performed manually, the process by using modernized equipment. Modern technologies allow to increase production, a guarantee of obtaining high quality parts desired shape and diameter. Sheet metal is carried out on advanced equipment, which results in waste-free production.

Sheet metal is produced by highly skilled specialists, therefore, orders are made with high quality and on time. The main advantage of sheet metal processing – production is carried out by a detailed set characteristics. The continuous growth of competition forcing companies carrying sheet metal, for innovative production technology, increase the quality of its products every day to improve the technology. The most common way sheet metal – plasma cutting. High-speed production can fulfill orders as quickly as possible.

Today, the technology of plasma cutting is the most common and cheapest method sheet metal processing. Thanks to high speed cutting, the metal does not manage to reach high temperatures, so the deformation of materials during processing is minimized. Advantages of sheet metal using plasma cutting: First – high-speed processing of the material. Secondly there is a reduction of production costs. Third, when sheet metal is no strain in the fourth, achieve an absolutely smooth surface of the product. To date, sheet metal using plasma technology is the most common and cheapest method of production.

Why Windows, Rather Than Wooden ?

Any normal residential house, must necessarily have walls, roof, doors and windows. Asking whether you ever yourself, "what a person needs windows?". First and foremost, of course, to illuminate the room, because nobody want to pay extra money for electricity, if at the time of the window there is a free source of light. Second, the windows are needed for ventilation, as in a closed room, sooner or later, the air going negative and harmful substances, from which you want to get rid of, and man is always pleasant to breathe fresh air. The third factor, which confirms the justification for the presence of windows in the house is just a pleasure views, and in this case, the binding conditions are the presence of a beautiful, modern and clean windows.

Since ancient times, over many generations the people used as frames for the windows of wood, that in our, modern age, simply not justified for many reasons. Everyone knows that the tree is well lit and, therefore, in fire houses in the first place, it will be exposed to fire, wooden items, including frames, as well as wood emits large amount of heat, then spread the fire rapidly, it will be enough. Another important fact of obsolescence of technology of frames made of wood is that heat and sound insulation properties of wood are very far from ideal, which ultimately leads to loss of heat in the house and the presence of excessive street noise. Due to the fact that wood is the material that was created by nature itself, which did not involve the use of wood as a material for durable windows, then it is not surprising that the wooden frame is sufficient to react adversely to the low and high temperature and humidity, and, accordingly, can quickly crack from dryness under the influence sunlight and lose its original shape and color.

Interior Design

How many rooms need to your family? And how many floors? Two? And maybe one floor and a spacious loft-studio? And what furniture to give preference to: classical or built? Yes, do not forget about the arches – they look so elegant! And from possibilities of modern technology finishes just giddy A fountain of ideas. However, all of them will be approved by a professional designer and whether he wants (even for more than a substantial fee) to continually adjustments reflecting the inexorable flight of your imagination? Remember, the appetite comes with eating. Experience shows that serious attention to furnishing your home, you will want everything to maximum! So do not be simpler to take up the case myself? You can build the project, its very correct, as they wish to distribute the internal space, think about lighting, window decorations, and staircases. Nobody and nothing will drive you to the strict framework will not prevent you to create a unique color rhythm mix any styles, choose a favorite finishing materials and furnishings. Wow! Yes, our ancestors were right: "A man must for their lives to build a house, plant a tree and have a baby. " Let him not to build a house and renovate an apartment, making her one and only, where you will relax and the body, and soul, which will always seek your heart. One has only to want! This is not a joke. Acquire the necessary knowledge (and they really need a lot!) Can be right now, one of the most popular professional courses of the European school education correspondent "Design and interior design.

" Look forward to 32 exciting, useful and accessible presentation of the lessons you within 16 months will get straight to the house. To get started you will meet with project houses and apartments, learn basic rules of construction and design. Utilities, too, will not be a problem for you. You will be taught to work with color and perspective, different materials and technologies for making the interiors. Introduction to history of architecture will enrich your imagination the most unexpected solutions. During the training you will have your own personal trainer – a professional architect, and after completion of the course you will receive a certificate of the largest International School, and who knows, maybe there will be many who want to use your knowledge and experience!

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