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Small Industry

This is according to Decree No. 1547, November 9, 2001. (Law on the Promotion and Development of Small and Medium Industries SMI), Article 3 the purposes of this Decree Law means: Small Industry, the unit of economic exploitation by a legal person from engaging in production of industrial goods and related services, including the following parameters: 1.1 Plant workers with an annual average no less than eleven (11) nor more than fifty workers (50) workers. 1.2 Annual sales between nine thousand and one (9001) tax units and one hundred thousand (100,000) tax units. Medium Industries, the unit of economic exploitation by a legal person from engaging in production of industrial goods and related services, including the following parameters: 2.1 Plant workers with an annual average of not less than fifty-one (51) employees or more than one hundred (100) workers.

2.2 Annual Sales hundred thousand one (100 001) tax units and two hundred fifty thousand (250,000) tax units. We are reminded in a forum on this topic, in Venezuela, according to the Central Office Statistics and Information (OCEI), a micro-enterprise has fewer than five employees, a small is between 5 and 20, a median between 21 and 100 employees and has over 100 large. The number of employees of a company does not reflect its production capacity or adding value to their products and services. Two micro-enterprises may be equal in number of employees, but are very different if one produces software and other testing. Therefore, some countries use different measures of company size the number of employees.

RSS Feed For Fresh Content And Better Ranking

A great stir was made some time ago when webmasters discovered RSS (Really Simple Syndication) as a method of disseminating information, journals, articles and website updates. For a time was even Taute is great for the replacement of email marketing. A few captured their potential, while others posed as the Internet fashion come and go quickly. And there for a while it seemed that might have been right. But as is clear from our monitoring of the development of RSS see that his popularity has grown enormously (to include blogs) and is used much more to offer fresh content for Web sites is fast and is considered one of the best ways to maintain search engine spiders to return.

Search engines love fresh relevant content. Note the key word in the last sentence is "relative." To be very intelligent high-tech at first had to find a way to create an RSS feed and get if it appears that people could find and benefit from it. But that process has become easier – much easier. As a matter of fact, there are a couple of software programs that we know of that provide ways for webmasters to get the great benefits of more search engine traffic with criteria RSS feed. I use one and it works perfectly. You can judge for yourself go here If you're new to RSS, and ask what you can do for you and your website here is a brief summary. By definition, the RSS is a lightweight XML format designed for sharing things like news headlines and other content on the website.

Jacinto Benavente

We consider that: people eagerly communication to communicate with more people, and that people may be reluctant to communicate direct interpersonal face to face, can through the Tics, and particularly the Internet, be more predisposed to this type of communication, with possibilities that come from arriving at a point in a communication face to face, or consolidate mode of communication through ICT. The program ICQ, even free distribution is an interesting reference to the increased facilities for communication. If a user so chooses, can fill out forms with information that will allow them or other people, decided to try to communicate or not with him or her.

Our experiences in this program, we can say that during the sessions, is almost certain that someone will, depending on any of the information that we have placed in the appropriate boxes. From there, the intercom can scale well, as it has greater affinity or compatibility between the persons concerned. In a way, readers’ letters to newspapers, the “listening clubs” of the broadcasters of “short wave” radio amateurs or listeners who call the radio stations and half-amplitude modulation, were “Prodromos” what we experience on the Internet today. However, this change may exponential human communication is mental structures or pre-existing patterns of behavior, many of the changes are institutionalized, and thus having generated powerful plexus and affects and / or interest. These institutionalized mental structures (Jacinto Benavente those described as “vested interests”), covering all human endeavor. Recently, we read that “Internet ends with many intermediaries.” To size this concept, it seems appropriate to customize them and say: Internet ends with many intermediaries.

Paving and Decorative Stone

Earlier in the manufacture of paving and decorative stone used in molds, which makes the process extremely difficult and energy intensive. With the development of production technology of ultra-strong concrete, new forms of new Materials: abs, pvc plastic, etc. The production process has become much easier to increase the range of forms, but before the manufacturer got a number of questions: forms quickly wear out and require constant updating; necessary keep in stock, or acquire a large number of forms with different patterns and configurations in order to be competitive in this market; also critical of long delays in the delivery of forms and their marriage during transportation; prices for 1 sq. m. Forms of abs from 1600r to 2500r and pvc plastic from 900p to 1600r require constant gigantic costs that come with great difficulty to pay back, that in itself does not lead to the development of production and to its collapse. Practice shows that only by having the vacuum-forming machine for production of shapes can really make money on the market pavers, to respond quickly to customer needs, not subject to any circumstances. And the cost of forms, produced on its own vacuum molding machine is very different from outsourced. Based on the prices of abs plastic and pvc in 70r for 1 kg, 1 square meter forms for paving the size 30h30sm will cost 250rub with considering all the overhead! Vacuum-forming machines are widely used for the production of automotive parts: bumpers, front panel, interior doors, and more in Advertising: large letters, light boxes, boxes, etc., as well as in many other areas. All this makes it possible to quickly put the production of paving stones (which is seasonal) "on foot", as well as develop new areas of the company.

Managing Director Heinz Kinigadner

The pilot of the AMV Marc Coma, double winner of the Dakar (2006/2009) and triple World Champion Raids, has started the 2010 season by renewing his contract that binds him as the first pilot plant to the end of 2012. For the moment, the pilot AMV Austrian lead the squad he has developed his sports career and has garnered his greatest successes. In the absence of knowing the name of his teammate, Eat immediately begin the development of new KTM in different configurations to decide the new frame that will equip over the next World Rally Raid and especially in the face of new regulations Dakar technique. In the presence of Managing Director Heinz Kinigadner and Sport Director Pit Beira, the pilot AMV renewed its contract with KTM, thus becoming an official pilot of the mark during the 2011 and 2012 seasons. This new two-year agreement represents the continuation of a successful relationship between the Spanish rider and the KTM brand, with which he has competed over the past eight years.

The company, headquartered in Mattighofen, Austria, and unveiled its first sports bet for the next two seasons, which include the 33E and 34E edition of the legendary Dakar Rally and the upcoming editions of the World Championship 2010, 2011 and 2012. Marc Coma was very pleased and excited about the new project. Dakar a new era, he might return to the African continent and the implementation of new legislation, the Austrian brand wanted, with this gesture, reward the trust and the trajectory of AMV pilot. The agreement guarantees to Marc Coma and his team can count on the official support of the firm and hope to return with success, all the confidence that the Austrian brand has placed in the new project. MARC COMA, Pilot AMV: Very happy to deal with this new project with my brand of life, which again gives me full confidence as leader of the pilot plant. I have a lifetime here in this great family and I hope that together we can enjoy wonderful moments. It is a great gesture by KTM Dakar after a complicated, highly appreciates this show of support and the fact they give me the opportunity to form my own team within the official structure.

Now we have a year full of training and racing. To develop the new bike will require a lot of work later this month and will begin the first phase. I wish I could make, hits, KTM all the confidence placed in me. AMV is dedicated to ensuring motorcycles, scooters and quads through the Internet.


One needs JavScript enabled in order to view it. Whatever you do, do not use an anonymous address to This email address is being protected from spam bots. You need JavScript enabled to view it or even worse, This email address is being protected from spam bots. You need JavScript enabled to view it. They make your email too impersonal, and will discourage people to open and read its contents. Rule No 3. Give first, get later.

This is truly one of the cardinal rules of email marketing: To get, first you have to GIVE. Never ask your subscribers to make a purchase unless you tell them beforehand that offering something of value. For example, if you is gearing promotion of good quality, is a good idea to send email full of useful information and also include calls to action. The same applies also for their newsletters. If you want to promote any of their products, be sure to include valuable information for free in the newsletter before getting the promotion of their product.

In this way, people will not mind too much if you ask them to buy something. After all, you is giving them a useful part of your content for free! Also, if your content is really valuable, will convince readers that your product or service is also valuable. Rule No 4. Test and try EVERYTHING! It is very important that you become addicted to test your work. More when most email software these days can prove absolutely every aspect of your marketing efforts, so you can discover exactly what’s working and what is not.

Cover Letter Magic: 4 Ways To Request Job Interview – And Get It !

How important it is to apply for the job interview clearly and directly in your cover letter? IS EVERYTHING! So the question remains: how effectively you ask? The following four ways will help drive many more job interviews. Try them all and see which ones work best for you. FOUR Surefire effective ways to ask job interview in its Charter, 1. Attract attention with a great headline using Bold Title Caps right below the greeting in your cover letter. Can we meet in person to discuss this position? 2. Focus on your skills in the beginning of his letter.

I hope I’m one of the most suitable candidates for this position. I would welcome the opportunity to meet him in person so we can discuss how it might be better suited to help company name. a Those are some of the responsibilities I have held over the past five years. 3. Be specific about time in the last paragraph. Me would like to arrange an interview with you in the next two weeks. What day and time work best for you? I shall keep our meeting short and specific. 4.

Communicate enthusiasm at the end of his letter. I am excited about the meeting in person to talk about my grades. You can contact me immediately on my cell phone: 555-555-5555. Thanks again for your time. Dismiss “the expectation and hope” job search technique. Use the “ask for the interview” method instead of the land and quality meetings will deliver results! Take charge of your future now by asking for what you want. Jimmy Sweeney is the president of CareerJimmy and author of the new “Amazing Letter Creator.” Jimmy has written several books related professionals and their only “which” off-the-job search box “style, make his articles a favorite job seekers. Jimmy is regularly published on some of the largest career sites on the Internet Web. Who else wants their ringing telephone interviews with more quality job?

Strategies For Achieving Quality Incoming Links.

Many people often find the task of generating incoming links rather tedious. But let this not be considered minor. In fact, building a good base of incoming links, by the method we like, is practically the only way to ensure a good Pagerank. The first site to be opened for incoming prospects links search is Google, obviously. Do a search on your keywords, and write down what are the top ranked sites. So look for those domains with Google again and we look how many incoming links they have, and what the nature. There are many addons for search engines and bars, particularly for Mozilla that show the Pagerank of a site.

Select the sites linking to your competition having better Pagerank, and try you can create an incoming link to your site from them too. Check what sites link to our competition is very revealing information. First, we extract what strategy works best for our competition: included in directories, article marketing, forum marketing. This is a good indicator for us, and we indicate to our business which is the channel for generating incoming links works best. Be creative. A premise of the campaigns of incoming links is that sites that are semantically related link us with our website. But why not leave aside a good Pagerank sites that do not relate specifically to our keywords. For example, a site that sells perfumes, can be a great idea to get incoming links from sites of women’s interests, fashion, relationships, advice for women, girlfriends, etc..

Exchanging links “traditional” (I put a link to your site, you put it to mine) do not usually give very good results. Usually the sites take all those links that have been undertaken to publish on its website and sent to a page called, precisely, links, or resources, or recommended. And, through no follow robot.txt declared the page, or directly in source code I put the nofollow attribute. Accordingly, these links do not work much to the purposes of indexing, nor should we expect a lot of hits from them how many years have you not consult a directory of recommended site? Do not attempt a campaign of incoming links in one day. Usually it is a task that takes time, because the links that point to a site is what ultimately will make the greater or lesser value of the site. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source

Graphics Interchange Format

Often, we tend to minimize the importance of images in the overall design of the site. Or think of them, we do from an aesthetic standpoint. But the images are one of the most important components of a page. In fact, the images are what gives weight to the site, in terms of size of the file occupies, measured in kilobytes or megbytes, because what weighs the code, ie the logical structure of the site is negligible. Consequently, the images that we include in our design are crucial to determining the load times.

The three formats are universally accepted: gif, jpeg, and png. Other formats such as bmp or tiff were quickly discarded because of its excessive weight final. As shown, values are relative to the resolution, ie the number of color dots per inch, but as shown is a plot of 500 pixels by 375 pixels, PNG format weighs 361 kb. The same file in gif format 54.21 kb-weighs six times less-and in jpeg format 69.03 kb (barely a little more than gif format) GIF images are named after the first letters of its original name: Graphics Interchange Format. The format was created by a company called CompuServe back in 1987 (Compuserve, for the curious, was the first major Internet service provider in the eighties). The idea was to create a format that reduces the size of graphics files, which were hitherto bmp (or bitmaps-hence its name-or bitmaps), but without sacrificing many colors or image quality. Gif format pictures were becoming more compressed than bmp on, resulting in a smaller size, equal benefits.

Achieving such a reduction was imposed at a time when most users with little connection available bandwidth, based on telephone modems, which did not exceed 54 kilobytes per second. Another advantage is that files can make gifs animated graphics. Nothing spectacular, do not think will achieve a graphic film with a png, but you can achieve small animations. A clear example are the emoticons, those small little icons that say hello, or wink. With their limitations, are an interesting possibility to achieve movement on a site. We will see in what case to apply each format, and what comparative advantages they have. We continue with the explanations in the second part of this article. If you liked this post and wants to put in place, you can smoothly, provided you cite as a source

English Flash Cards

Now came the great variety of ways of learning a foreign language. Starting with the usual lessons with a teacher, to a variety of mnemonics and the use of 25-th frame. But because of some conditions people do not always can afford these classes. The reasons may be financial constraints and lack of time, and others However, many choose the way of self-study foreign language. Regardless of the method chosen study stands in front of people need to increase your vocabulary. One of the most proven ways of learning new words are english cards. English card – a card in which a one side says a foreign word, and the reverse transcription and translation.

The essence of the method to sorting out a pile of hundreds of cards, remember the translation of each card. In this case, if the translation is remembered without error, then the card should be put at the end of the pile, if it could not recall or remember the translation is not quite right, then you must read and repeat the translation several times and then insert the card closer to the beginning (after about ten cards from beginning) to better memorize it. Gradually, word translation of which you have learned, must be changed by strangers. Thus, doing about half an hour daily, you can learn 10 – 20 new words. It's not so little, considering that for week you can learn about hundreds of words.

In this case, you will not only expand your vocabulary, but in general, improve your memory. The only problem here is the process of creating these cards, because even with computer to create ten such cards to about 30 munut. This problem can be solved by buying a ready-made sets of cards in the store. But it is in the purchased kit may not be necessary to you the words, or translate it may seem You are too narrow. An alternative to this path is the use of specialized sites, such as site "English card 'where you are free to choose the words to memorize and modify their automated translation. In addition to the Internet you can find a lot of programs running on the same principle, but to use them, alas, can only be at the computer

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