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A disfranchisement between rich poor persons and, of tradesmen form and the general decay of the conditions of the workers in such a way in the city how much in the field. One of the great cultural movements of this time, was the return for the antiquity classic, that made to efflorescence the Roman law, what it corresponded to the interests of the two ruling classes, whose power served to mold the State Absolutist. Since the High Average Age, studious if they had leaned over on the jurisprudence Roman and later they had spread out for all the Europe Roman legal concepts. The monarchies absolutists had introduced a pertinent bureaucracy, the regular system tributary and armies. They had also occurred the centralization of the power, the guarantee of the private property of the good I publish of the mercantile relations of purchase and sales and the systematization of the fiscal bureaucracy. FINAL CONSIDERATE: Finally, it is perceived that the existing relations between the two times had become evidences and if they establish, in the continuity of the economic and social evolution that if it initiated in the Average Age. The naturalism and the individualism had found its origin in the social dynamism, that changed the face of the Europe Occidental person in the end of the medieval period, will find fuel in the nonscientific and methodical character, a characteristic of the renaissance for the sprouting of the studies of the man on the nature. .

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