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Presented by a group of construction companies 'Hail Peter' steel cold-rolled C-shaped profile made on its own rolling mill of the domestic steel C235 and S345 grades according to GOST 27772-88 on the rolling equipment of domestic production. This profile has galvanized coating and has all the strength characteristics at the level of world standards. 1. incombustibility 2. absence internal moisture, rot, mold, and 3. correct form and the absence of warping, 4. small thickness of the metal (1.5-2 mm) reduces the overall thermal conductivity design, 5. height profile of 200-150-100 mm 6.

corrosion protection provided by hot galvanized surfaces, and for individual items, in addition, domestic production of enamel developed. the leading enterprises of the domestic industry; 7. This thin-walled galvanized profile easily cut with modern power tools, can be easily connected with screws, rivets, traction, bolts 8. the possibility of using semi-automatic welding in carbon dioxide (GOST 14771-76) in the manufacture of metal frame of the profile 9. all types of connections are determined design load 10. corrugated wall of the C-shaped galvanized steel profile can significantly increase the resistance to bending, which makes opportunity to build metallokarkasnye buildings in areas with high wind load, as well as in the 8-9 point seysmozone 11. corrugations and ledges are spaced 1 / 5 of a physical quantity profile, which allows you to include the work of all sections profile.

In the current profile is taken into account only 40-60% of the metal. Thus, without increasing the cross-section, thickness and other characteristics, this profile is frequently dramatically different: 12. load bearing capacity This profile allows you to use board-floor multihollow prestressed concrete made of heavy grades 400, 450, 500 (strength class B30, B35, B40), 13. This profile can be used for the manufacture of construction beams and trusses, and intermediate floors, 14. design, built from galvanized steel profile, lightweight, durable and easily assembled on site without requiring labor-intensive, 15. use of the crane equipment (mobile cranes), the minimum, which significantly reduces the cost of installation, building under, 16. products of this profile can be easily insulated semi-rigid mineral wool mats basalt domestic production and use modern materials of domestic and foreign, 17. buildings and structures made from this profile, fast, durable, economical and have a beautiful design; 18. profile is easy to use, and design features of its corrugated walls can erect such buildings and structures in all Russian regions, without exception; 19. of the profiles can be fabricated beams, girders, columns, rafters. Using construction of galvanized profile of its own production, the Group companies' Hail Peter "successfully engaged in low-rise building mobile buildings, warehouses, hangars and offices, and add stories, add attics and buildings, as well as other types of construction work. Technology lightweight steel building steel structures are now at a new stage of development. Public and industrial buildings, hangars, shopping and sports complexes, low-rise housing, attic cottages. Here is a partial list of facilities being built by group of companies "Grad Peter" on the author's system of ultralight metal structures. Technology different efficiency, ease and speed of construction, environmental and seismic resistance, as well as the actual cost. Ultimately, as the saving in the construction phase and during operation of buildings. This is the foundation of our company philosophy. As a dynamic enterprise group of companies "Hail Peter" interested in expanding the partnership. We are its price and quality guarantee preservation of the competitive advantages of the company. I hope that through dialogue and cooperation with you, which will only be possible through our website, a resource company significantly expanded, and you will have a reliable partner.

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