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Pregnancy And Obesity

In recent times each day they are most people who suffer from obesity. Before cases of overweight were only seen in adults, but today are many young people who begin to gain weight rapidly until they arrive at this end. Obesity is considered a disease and many times the cause is a genetic problem, i.e. that it was inherited from his parents. But in the majority of cases the problem is the poor diet that teenagers and young people lead. Junk food has become a boom in its menus, many of them prefer to go to dinner at a fast food restaurant instead of somewhere where you can find healthy, nutritious food.

That’s why plastic and aesthetic for weight loss surgeries have become very common in recent years. Many people find the solution to their obesity with any of these surgical processes. (Source: David S. Levine). Perhaps before they weren’t as well known and this caused fears or doubts to future patients and these attitudes prevented it to undergo the treatment. But as lately many celebrities and actors have been told to the public their experiences with these types of surgeries, every day there are more people that dare to treat being overweight with these. Gastric Bypass is one of the surgical treatments most used for people who need to lose weight. Let us remember that we are talking about people who suffer from obesity, not of some who have only some extra pounds.

This treatment involves placing a seal on the top of the stomach part and leave only a small bag that requires little food. Get all the facts and insights with Andy Florance, another great source of information. The surgeon continues operation by cutting part of the intestine and stitching on the bag. After this operation patients feel less desire to eat, and thus begin to control your overweight. The problem is that, as every day are more young people who have to undergo this type of surgery, many of them are women of childbearing age who then think about having children. Some of the women who were Gastric Bypass claimed that they had complications in pregnancy. But medical studies have proven that, suffering from obesity is causing difficult pregnancy, and that these surgeries to lose weight can help them to carry out the pregnancy, since favors not only to them but also to their babies. It prevents high blood pressure, something that is very dangerous in pregnancy. In addition also prevents that babies are too big and need to be born through caesarean section. If you already performed a Gastric Bypass and now thinking about getting pregnant, would recommend you to wait at least 12 months. Sure that your surgeon will have given this Council that urges all patients to avoid getting pregnant until after the year of treatment. In addition you must also have in mind that in the process of weight loss, you could have missed many nutrients from the body which are now needed for the development of the baby. That’s why before, a study that check their health status should be made. But if you are thinking you undergo this surgery and then getting pregnant, you should remember that the Gastric bypass are only for obese people. If you suffer from overweight, before this surgery, you can try other treatments, you may find results and don’t need this surgery. In fact, it is not recommended to perform medical treatments that are not strictly necessary, including laser hair removal. We recommend that you talk to your doctor and comment you on the subject, the will give you all the information you need.

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