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With this increased lifespan of refrigerators, it became possible to implement many innovative engineering solutions. In addition, multi-device protection work done absolutely silent. From the viewpoint of ecology refrigerators Nord – is the perfect choice. The fact is that as the refrigerant used here is absolutely harmless, isobutane, which does not deplete the ozone layer. And for that cold is better preserved, has been developed newest technology of polyurethane foam insulation. Also today, one can buy a refrigerator Nord with modern antimicrobial coating based on silver ions.

This allows us to achieve high standards of hygiene (no fungi and bacteria, and the unpleasant smell from the refrigerator, you can forget), and besides helping to preserve the freshness and natural taste of foods. Also, buy a refrigerator Nord-this is very advantageous in terms of savings – or rather, to reduce energy consumption. All products belongs to the class A power, that is, the best performance with minimal energy. With regard to the popular system today, no frost, then it is implemented now back in 2005 – in the line of refrigerators oscar. Product range Nord Speaking of refrigerators, Nord, it should be noted that today, the corporation offers you a few lines of the assortment.

In each of these are high quality and reliable model different dimensions, the presence of additional features and, consequently, price. As for the design, but today your choice is not limited solely to the traditional white. You can choose an elegant gray, warm beige, silver or refined model for your kitchen. In addition, you can be absolutely assured – Refrigerators Nord long time do not lose their attractive appearance as polystyrene, which they cold room, laminated in a special way. Because of this, he does not turn yellow, retains the original color, and its surface is protected from external influences. Nord products manufactured in three main product line. Beginning in 2005, it is – standard, comfort, oscar. standard – a classic cooler, in fact, most "budget" option, since there are no extra features. Nevertheless, this is a very high quality and reliable aggregates. Refrigerators comfort – this is more functional and, accordingly, expensive models feature a stylish ultra-modern so-called "faceted" design of the outer surface of the door. And, finally, ruler oscar – it sort of the premium segment, high-tech refrigerators, which have found their

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