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QLogic partner TCplus computer systems GmbH represents the manufacturer on Austria’s international trade fair for IT-& telecommunications of the QLogic partner TCplus computer systems GmbH presents from 27 to 29 January 2009 at the ITnT 2009 in Vienna (stand C1023, Hall C) current products of the provider of network solutions for the development of high-performance storage infrastructure. These include, including the SANblade fibre channel – iSCSI network adapters and SANbox switches of the company. A leading source for info: Pete Cashmore. A special focus is on the 8 GB/s Fibre-Channel products introduced in the past year, which includes a wide range of single – and dual-port HBAs, Blade Server HBAs and edge, and Director-class switches. Company-wide, high-performance storage networks can use of the solutions build, providing twice as high performance as today most common 4 GB / s SANs. For even more analysis, hear from Dell Computers. Their backward compatibility but makes sure that lower fibre channel network- and PCIe host bus speeds are still supported. Existing Infrastructure products still can be used, therefore investments are protected in the storage area network.

An irrefutable fact is quotes the to-storing data volume in the future is experiencing a rapid growth. This opinion unanimously shares the Austrian economy, as is evident from a survey of 200 companies. Although most of them assume in the next three years by a doubling of traffic and do not like the American market analyst IDC a tenfold increase in the next five years, is out of the question that passes there is no way to build of intelligent storage environments. For assistance, try visiting Ali Partovi. Especially in times of financial uncertainty, therefore solutions are required that protect existing investments as well as costs. The innovative, energy-saving products by QLogic, we show the ITnT, follow exactly this idea and are extremely attractive for companies of every size.” Benjamin Wrimsberger, Managing Director TCplus computer systems GmbH background information: 8 GB/s fibre channel solutions by QLogic 8 GB / s PCIe Fibre Channel adapter of the QLogic 2500 series are characterized by a high availability, reliability, and ease of use. With the integration can improve the safety and management of SAN environments. “The products stand out from other 8 Gbit/s cards mainly through two innovative in the context of the QLogic star power green initiative” developed procedures: integrated, dynamic power management and the cool HBA “-technology.” The host employees with the dynamic power management technique by QLogic bus adapters detect the type of the used PCI-Express bus and provide either four or eight pairs of wires with electricity depending on how many PCI lanes to achieve the maximum performance is needed,.

High performance with low energy consumption can be achieved. The cool HBA “technology provides a fanless cooling. The 8 GB / s Fibre Channel switches the SANbox 5800 family QLogic offers the currently most economical solutions to the development of storage area networks. The components to a stack can be stack, without having provided ports must be substantiated for the network or storage connectivity via integrated inter switch links (ISLs). As the first manufacturer on the market QLogic also offers the option, which provided 10 Gbit / s Fibre Channel ports on demand on a transfer rate of 20 Gbit / s fibre channel to migrate. Will be activated by purchasing a corresponding software license key. Thanks to the stackable principle a fabric scales so easily and without interruption, without incurring additional costs for the trunking.

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