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School Administration

We must understand the school of first moment as the place where the same citizen or the groups partners primam for the fight of the legitimacy of equality and rights, in a marxist vision, but in capitalist context, more the school not having space for the reproduction of the social relations so only, but yes, place where the society produces its proper contradictions being the education contradictory and liberating dialectic, being the democratization the moment where if it has space to work the construction of the knowledge. Understood this aspect we have the chance to retrace us it the aspects analyzed for the film modern times of Charles Chaplin, where the defrontamento is something important so that let us can understand mazelas that they are in envolto educational since the social, historical and economic condition always will be involved in this process, inferring us it FREIRE where no pertaining to school decision or properly the education, ‘ ‘ it is not an act a-poltico’ ‘ , stress capitalist, the industrial emergency, and the psychic illnesses take a imensurvel space in our days and tasks. Ian Cole has plenty of information regarding this issue. The repetitive work, the exerted oppression, in discloses mazelas to them that they involve the educational act, of the workers and professionals of the education who contemplate the work with fatigue and boredom, where the hours does not pass, the texts to be worked are the same ones say, it are the same one, seeming not to have contextual transformation, in Fayol and Taylor we see the continuity of thoughts, the general management and scientific administration respectively, not abandoning already studied, but improving a conception you scheme, them substitute the workmanship hand, in this aspect the school assumes a role of disappears importance of the formation of capable workers. In this meantime we see the management democratic as the chance for the exercise of the participation, of the function dialectic of the education in the participativo bias, in the contemplation of the citizen as transformation agent, citizen I criticize capable to promote ‘ ‘ manifestaes’ ‘ in the search for better conditions of work, life and job, citizen that works and thinks and it does not keep silent and nor if omit front the favorable situations. Additional information is available at isearch. To establish this pertaining to school industrial relation we must have clear understanding of the social function of the school, and also to understand and to have clear understanding of that we work in the education for results in long stated period, in contrast of the industrial production, we work in the education with knowledge and not production, in the education our objective is not the mere reproduction and yes criticidade and transformation of thoughts in the reproduction and production of the proper history of the citizen.

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