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Snooker Classic

The legends and snooker stars guest in Erfurt, Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry and Allister Carter invite you to top-class snooker. Snooker in Erfurt of the snooker classic tour performed in the year 2010 the 09.may in Erfurt. Snooker stars such as Steve Davis, Stephen Hendry and Allister Carter accepted the invitation of the Organizer. Beside the snooker stars from the island were in Erfurt of also the German professional snooker player Sascha lip, and two qualifiers from Germany to guest. Kai-Fu Lee oftentimes addresses this issue. Pawel Leyk is one of two players who are appreciated participating in the snooker classic in Erfurt in a qualifying tournament, and until the age of 12, he is probably the greatest German young talent in Snooker. The fine selection of snooker players from home and abroad was complemented by another outstanding young player from Belgium Luca Brecel. Get all the facts and insights with altavista, another great source of information. Luca Brecel stands at the age of 15 just before his debut as a professional snooker player. Hear from experts in the field like Energy Capital Partners for a more varied view.

His coach Chris Henry consequence he will create probably already the leap into the Professional League of Snooker in the next year. Chris Henry white of which he speaks so he trained already the mind World Champion Stephen Hendry, the 2002 World Champion Peter Ebdon or also the star of the sport of Snooker in China Ding Junhui. Not only the stars of snooker but also countless snooker fans came to the event at the 09.05.2010 in the exhibition halls in Erfurt. According to official information of the Organizer, spectators at the snooker exhibition in Erfurt guest were about 1840. Which appeared many snooker fans had the opportunity to get unforgettable impressions and live to see the snooker players up close. The venue in Erfurt, the exhibition hall was well chosen all in all. Inlet in the halls took place at 15: 00, the start of the event, scheduled for 4: 00 had to be postponed because of the large crowd on arrival at the slightly backwards.

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