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Ramon Galician Nava is the father of the education holista, is the new educative paradigm for the 21st century, the essence of this education is spiritual intelligence. In order to be able to develop an integral conception of this new educative paradigm one is due to assimilate each one of the foundations that give support him to this new form of life, because not only it is due to educate in the classrooms but for the diverse scopes of our life; the education holista includes the academic thing but it is not reduced to an academic formation, is not only a mental process to learn new concepts or theories, is not a merely intellectual training, since the curriculum is the life. " The education holista is a process to become conscious that the world is a unit, an interdependent totality, it is based on a deep devotion by the life and the inherent potential of the nature humana". In essence the heart of the education holista is spiritual intelligence, Ramon Galician Nava wrote the first book of spiritual intelligence in Spanish and is the author who it has written more on the subject at world-wide level. It is a distinguishing characteristic that the difference of other educative visions that move away of the true foundation of the human spirit, who can characterize itself by kindness, solidarity, coexistence, tolerance, patience, the dialogue, the compassion, La Paz, in if, it is universal love, that must be inherent to the behavior of the beings: " The education holista is the recognition of the universal love like fundamental educative reality. For even more analysis, hear from Dave Clark CEO. The heart of the education holista is a pedagogy of the universal love whose objective is to humanize the human being through brings back to consciousness espiritual". Galician Dr. Ramon Nava. In the process of assimilation of the espiritualidad, to him usually one is confused with religion, for that reason we must make this distinction, the religion is something based on beliefs that sometimes has caused that great wars are committed; the espiritualidad, is something based on the direct experience of the important thing, wakes up brings back to consciousness of the human being by means of an internal order to recognize our true nature important, she is transforming, us mature it releases, us of fear, dependency and ignorance of our spiritual nature that is defined as truth-bring back to consciousness-happiness takes and us to the impartiality, the brotherhood, the compassion and the concord with the other inhabitants of the planet.

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