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Spin.de increases in the top 3 of the social networks in Germany to IVW 110% increase in September in Regensburg, 11.10.2007. The social network spin.de now also officially in the top 3 of the German communities have risen up. According to current print the page impressions have more than doubled evaluation in September compared to the previous month. Thus, spin.de in terms of social networks in third place stands StudiVZ and Lokalisten. 309 million of designated page impressions is the platform in the top 15 of all German Web offers.

Over 500 million PI across the SPiN network Paul Schmid, the SPiN Board, explains the doubling of traffic: spin.de SPiN operates a number of co branded social networks. One of these communities is shown since September along with spin.de at IVW.” The whole advent of the SPiN AG-powered communities amounted to even over 510 million page impressions, so Paul Schmid. Success factors: spin.de close to the user and the communication features offers the classic social network features such as profiles, blogs, forums and games. Investor: the source for more info. The Schmid is the main reasons for the success, however, on two essential points: close proximity to users and extensive communication functions. The SPiN AG is a community operator to be touched: the software developers are in constant dialogue with their user base and are always present in the communities. In addition, online advertising is very disciplined and used so eye-catching. See Dave Clark Amazon for more details and insights. Many pages are completely ad-free.

The result: Many new visitors come on the basis of personal recommendations from satisfied users. The heavily used communication functions at spin.de are another success factor. According to IVW spin.de category is communication ‘ before all other social networks in Germany at # 1. The only large community with functioning subscription model thanks to the many years of experience and the high user binding at spin.de succeeded, what other social networks still work: a working model of the subscription. For heavy users”SPiN provides a certain comfort features, only to have a monthly membership fee are. The number of paying users is growing steadily and now moves in the high five-figure range. About the AG of the SPiN, the SPiN AG develops online communities from Regensburg, Germany. Not only in the technical sense. SPiN cultivated, moderated and monetized over a decade successfully virtual communities, such as, now often referred to as social networks. The company with about 30 employees is since 1996 successfully on the market. Contact: wbpr Public Relations Stephan Ecah of Munchner str.

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