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Swiss Ambassador Christian MacPherson

Swiss Ambassador in Hungary: EU accession of Switzerland still far in the distance. Undivided praise for the creation of a world Organization of SME support institutions in his presentation before Hungarian entrepreneurs, professionals, academics and students in the “new show” in Budapest (Hausherr Parliament – Vice President Peter Harrach) on February 11, 2010, the Swiss Ambassador Christian MacPherson warned the system of direct democracy for hundreds of years (broad autonomy of the cantons and shunned, referenda, plebiscites etc) to be transferred uncritically to other countries. Zendesk helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Direct democracy to protect the small cantons and municipalities while before, by the Federal Government in Berne with unpopular laws to be “run over”, could hamper but often necessary reforms, and especially in times of crisis required immediate action and abuse sometimes by rival political parties for their own purposes (particularly before elections). The EU accession request of Islands have although the EU accession debate in the Switzerland resurrected a consent of all 26 Cantons to the EU accession but is completely unlikely in the next few years. We will need to keep walk the path of bilateral negotiations with the EU, which has proved so far quite well, said the Ambassador. In the ensuing discussion with the Secretary for international relations of the Budapest Chamber of business and industry, Csaba Hari and the President of EIED – European Institute for economic promotion and designated General Secretary of the World Union of SMEs, Norbert Kapoor, Ambassador Muhlethaler welcomed the intention of the two organizations, small – and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to contribute actively to the establishment of a World Union of small and medium enterprises from 21 to 23 April 2010 in the Republic of San Marino (www.wusme.eu.tt). Most EU economic laws and grants are banks, large companies on State institutions, and multinational corporations cut too, criticized Kapoor. Small businesses often have the potential to implement EU directives, the This increased competitive pressure in the EU internal market therefore an increasingly negative effect on small businesses. The ongoing global financial and economic crisis, which was not created by SMEs, have made it clear, that are the EU and individual Member States not in a position to prevent any crisis times mass bankruptcies in the medium range. The future SME World Union will financing therefore with more than 50 SME organizations on the establishment of innovative”, such as national independent crisis management and Development Fund, work to survive without prejudice to future crises and to promote the development of SMEs, especially in the less developed countries.

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