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One of the trends that become possible this interaction of the mathematics with the reality is the modeling in which if it becomes an efficient tool very. The mathematical modeling can be understood as a boarding of a problem not mathematician by means of the mathematics where the pertinent characteristics of an object are extracted with the aid of hypotheses and simplificadoras approaches and representations in mathematical terms are determined. However the mathematical modeling as strategy of education and learning offers contributions that go beyond the possibility of interaction of the mathematics with the reality. (ALMEIDA, 2003) When suggesting the use of the mathematical modeling in classroom, Blum (1991), defends that the applications constitute reflection source and is component basic for ampler vision of the mathematics. In this direction, what one expects is that the interaction between the reality (what makes sensible for pupil) and the mathematics, provides to a reflection, leading the awareness of the place and the paper of the mathematics in the society. The process in which they are passing the school and the society has its objectives in the formation of the pupil of integral form, not only worried in the evidence of results, but conscientious of its paper of agent of transformation social, capable to intervine in the process.

Therefore it is necessary that the mathematics lesson provides to the pupil the development of its reflexiva capacity. In this direction, the mathematical modeling serves as important tool so that this objective is reached. Ahead of the bigger requirements each time of the reality of the modern life, globalization call, if makes necessary that the education more forms citizens prepared to face the decurrent competition of this current fact and at the same time historical.

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