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Divergence (convergence) – the strongest signal to enter the market against the current trend! Often referred to as traders, and the divergence and convergence in one word "diversification". The strategy is as follows: select the most liquid pair, having a direct quotation (EUR / usd, gbp / usd, usd / jpy, usd / chf, usd / cad, aud / USD). To determine the divergence will use the rsi or macd. Recommended parameters indicators (at chasovkah): – macd (12,26,9), can (5,34,5). – rsi (14,5.

Downtime) (14-period indicator, 5-averaging period) Parameters of the indicators are defined empirically as the most effective, but you can podobroat their own, perhaps it will provide a more expressive picture of divergence. Thus, our actions Based Deaver? First, waiting for emerge confirming the reversal candle. Rockwell Trading is full of insight into the issues. In other words, a candle, which shows that a strong movement of the trend has stopped. Best of all, this situation is described in Japanese candlestick analysis – just one word "Harami". Secondly, we determine the stop level and profit. Consider two options: 1. Forming the divergence of the breakdown of resistance.

In this case, take out the stop for about 15-30 points for the shadow the previous candle, depending on the traded pair. Profit set to mark where the divergence began. It's almost guaranteed goal. Continue to hold the position against the trend is not worth it. 2. Formation of the divergence in otboe channel level. In this case, stop expose just 15-30 points in the shadow of the previous candle, depending on the traded pair. And for the profit target – the middle of the channel. If from the middle of the price is not got out, a second, more objective – opposite sides of the channel. Finally, after the formation of bridging the candles are making buy / sell. From personal experience: we do not just have to see a situation where a trader, and is no longer a newbie, waiting for another further confirmation. A half an hour it turns out that the divergence fulfilled! Good divergence – a phenomenon not often. But if you manage to notice in time it should act decisively. Better to risk a early than later to try to jump into the last car. We wish you successful trading!

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