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Air Filters

Russia – not Europe, dust concentration on the Russian roads are several times higher than in Europe – the content of solid particles in the air on our roads varies from 2 to 10 mg / cubic meter. meter. During the year of operation in air filter vehicle capacity of 100 l / s fall from 30 to 150 grams of dust. Ride on the "clogged" air filter is like to engage in self-harm. First, because of pereobogascheniya working mixture increases fuel consumption and deteriorate the dynamic properties of the engine. Secondly, the filter element can break at any moment, since the passage of air available for areas of the element have several times greater load than usual. Where thinly necessarily broken! And then the dust would rush straight into the engine.

To avoid this, you should choose air filters, made in view of the Russian environment – have heightened dust holding capacity and durability of the filter elements. Not more than 1%! In case of insufficient filtering dust is in the combustion chamber and the oil. The result is accelerated wear of the piston (up to 5-8 times faster than the established resource), as well as loss of power and increased fuel consumption. So today in the world set stringent requirements for the degree of filtration – air filter should pass within the lifetime of no more than 1% of the dust. This rate only by the best companies, employing in the production of the best filter materials and technology. "Cooperative" or counterfeit filters – is the untimely death of the motor.

Change the filter cheaper than the engine is especially dangerous "resuscitated" filters. Many craftsmen have adapted cleaned, washed and blow air vents. But do not be misleading perfect clean look – the resource filter is limited physical properties of the filter element. In addition, it should be noted that the operation of the car in difficult conditions require more frequent filter replacement. Determine that "the time has come" can be more circumstantial evidence, such as increased fuel consumption, power loss, hard starting the engine, increase in CO2 emissions, etc. If you change the air filter is recommended to clean pollution from the choke. Pollution is not allow the damper to operate properly, and lead to disturbances in the fuel system.

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