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Modern technology now used, including in order to keep the engine of your car safe. Composite until that protection is well known in the large cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, but more and more owners of foreign cars across Russia make their choice in favor of just such a defense. What are the advantages of the composite crankcase Carbon to metal protection? Let's start with the fact that due to the ease of fiberglass, composite protection weighs less than metal. This is despite the fact that the thickness of the composite of the protection of at least 8 mm. That, in turn, gives her an incredible stiffness.

Judge for yourself, you can pick up the car jack, resting his defense in the composite, and you still remain a safe gap between protection and crankcase. So, when you run into a stone, composite protection due to its hardness, save the engine from attack. For high strength composite protection is sometimes referred to as 'Kevlar'. Since fiberglass does not corrode, it will not rust. He was not afraid of no salt in the roads, or those chemicals that are poured over the roads in winter.

Because of its elasticity, composite crankcase not crumple. Maybe you know that very often after the impact, the metal starts hesitates and protection to touch the engine or other parts that are close by. As a result, the metal protection have to shoot and edit a sledgehammer to it had the previous form. And it is at least a trip to the car wash, waste of time and money. But if you have a composite protection, you can forget about these troubles.

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