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This is not about to deliberately stir up jealousy partner. But many women make the mistake when they decide: "I have loved one, and now I have no boyfriend do not need, with other men I talk only when necessary>>. Live the life as lived – communicate with friends, accept flowers from fans. Will let you be "in tone>, feel beautiful and unique, and a man make a quick decision. Another error is, paradoxically, is formulated as follows: "I will not be imposed on him, so I'll be for him a valuable>>. Woman years agrees to a civil marriage, not daring to talk about the development relationship.

Yes, the marriage does not need to obsess, do not give him overvalued, but if after a year of permanent relations man would not suggest you get married time to think. If he tells you it is not ready for family life – in most cases it does not "excuse>> but the sad truth. Think hard about whether you need a partner. Maybe worth terminate unpromising relationship? There are many techniques ">> men, enabling all the same to bring them to the door registrar. About these techniques I described in detail in their training. Briefly express their essence – do not let the man to guess how important to you legally married. Simply create a situation where it needed to make this choice.

– The most-the most important secret of female attractiveness and charm – what is it? What you need to be a winner for life and just happy woman? – The charm is made up of many traits: appearance, gait and plastic movements, the notorious ability to "apply themselves>>, voice. All this is quite simple to learn. But most importantly – internal state of happiness. Bring yourself to life as a bowl full of light. Sign in state of inner happiness, joy, delight them. This idea will shine in your eyes and keep your proud bearing. See what is happening on the streets. Here comes a woman, crooked back, eyes to the floor, her face dimmed – she herself does not like someone she might like? Men respond primarily to boost happiness and satisfaction that comes from women. Subconsciously, every man is looking for one that will bring happiness and joy in his life. My primary goal as a psychologist and sex therapist – a woman to teach "drag>> from itself, rather than look for wrinkles on the pope and cellulite under a microscope. Cultivate an inner sense of exclusivity and uniqueness. Remember, you're on their own – worth. And you could do it! Interview by

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