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Gas Silicate Building Blocks

When allowance is made fairly good insulating performance of products from aerated concrete exterior walls of buildings made of masonry with a width equal to the thickness of the aerated concrete blocks. The external cladding can also be constructed with the outer layer of the ceramic block, used for aesthetic reasons. Under certain conditions, if there is a need to build a wall with high sound-proofing parameters, it can be done with an additional layer of soundproof. The internal walls of concrete blocks must be put as a double, with sound insulation between the layers. Silicate blocks can also be used for the construction of basement walls, with provided that the groundwater below the base.

Basement walls are placed in direct silicate blocks with vertical joints filled with cement. Basement walls require high-quality waterproofing with materials. If there are difficulties with the implementation of these terms of basement walls befits the traditional design of the concrete. Enclosing placed vertically or at an angle, you want to connect with by ligation of the elements of masonry or butt. Enclosing , erected, you want to bind only to the dressing.

In this case, at the level of overlap is necessary to provide reinforced concrete crown. Wall blocks of aerated concrete joints with walls made of other building materials, erected as a rule butt. In this case, at block dressings often include fixing the walls in one row of blocks in using connecting elements. Fasteners used for connecting the partitions of the silicate units with main walls. Presence in the exterior wall insulation layer breaks distribution load from the upper floors to lower the concentration of stress, and initiates, which as a result may cause cracks in the wall of the insulated layer. Also cause the appearance of clusters of tension in the wall over the thermal insulation cover is the effect of fixing the slabs in the wall. To counter the emergence of such cracks is required to put in over the overlapping seam reinforcement. The clutch is present beneath the windows significant change in loads. In order to prevent occurrence of cracks must be in solution under the final layer of aerated concrete blocks, fixed in two grooves filled with a solution of the reinforcing rod. When the load on column is higher than 70 percent of its maximum load, this fixture is required to put in the last row of blocks of cellular concrete. The depth of building structures is determined by local conditions of groundwater level and absence or presence of a basement. Aerated concrete can also be used for the manufacture of wall basements, but in this case requires careful protection from moisture using quality materials. The advantage of this approach, apart from one manufacturing technology designs and uncomplicated insulation crown over basement, is also getting excellent ground-floor rooms without the need to insulate wall. The area around the building is necessary to issue so as to ensure full flow of rainwater from the building. To achieve this, it is recommended to lay around the building are of concrete slabs. Another solution could be cover of coarse gravel backfill around the basement of the building.

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