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How many rooms need to your family? And how many floors? Two? And maybe one floor and a spacious loft-studio? And what furniture to give preference to: classical or built? Yes, do not forget about the arches – they look so elegant! And from possibilities of modern technology finishes just giddy A fountain of ideas. However, all of them will be approved by a professional designer and whether he wants (even for more than a substantial fee) to continually adjustments reflecting the inexorable flight of your imagination? Remember, the appetite comes with eating. Experience shows that serious attention to furnishing your home, you will want everything to maximum! So do not be simpler to take up the case myself? You can build the project, its very correct, as they wish to distribute the internal space, think about lighting, window decorations, and staircases. Nobody and nothing will drive you to the strict framework will not prevent you to create a unique color rhythm mix any styles, choose a favorite finishing materials and furnishings. Wow! Yes, our ancestors were right: "A man must for their lives to build a house, plant a tree and have a baby. " Let him not to build a house and renovate an apartment, making her one and only, where you will relax and the body, and soul, which will always seek your heart. One has only to want! This is not a joke. Acquire the necessary knowledge (and they really need a lot!) Can be right now, one of the most popular professional courses of the European school education correspondent "Design and interior design.

" Look forward to 32 exciting, useful and accessible presentation of the lessons you within 16 months will get straight to the house. To get started you will meet with project houses and apartments, learn basic rules of construction and design. Utilities, too, will not be a problem for you. You will be taught to work with color and perspective, different materials and technologies for making the interiors. Introduction to history of architecture will enrich your imagination the most unexpected solutions. During the training you will have your own personal trainer – a professional architect, and after completion of the course you will receive a certificate of the largest International School, and who knows, maybe there will be many who want to use your knowledge and experience!

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