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Natural Stone In Architecture And Design Today

Modern architecture and design would be unthinkable without a natural stone in spite of the emergence and widespread man-made materials, natural stone is still in demand. Its unique color, pattern, physical properties, as well as natural sources provide him popularity, increasing with the preference of natural, eco-friendly materials. In the facades of natural stone solid rock can be seen in the design entrance and stair groups, portals, columns, window sills, moldings and panels. Entrance lobby, decorated with natural stone – a kind of calling card at home or institution, it gives him the status of respectability and prestige. Striking design solutions – together various types of stone technology of its processing (on glossy texture to coarse chopped stone), as well as elegant decor (inlays, murals, mosaics, etc.). Such rocks as marble – durable plastic and at the same time – have been successfully applied in the design of stair railings and balustrades groups: marble, you can create balusters and handrails most bizarre.

Decorative elements: sculpture, sculptures, carvings ornaments, panels, reception desks and bar counters, table tops made of granite and marble, as well as a variety of table and floor vases and pots – are combined with each other and do not create the impression of space in the congestion If the stone is used light pastel shades. The unique compatibility of the stone makes it a versatile material for the interior of any style. Examples of this: a table with top made of granite or marble fireplace with metallic finish in the high-tech style, entrance lobby, decorated with marble and wrought-iron lamps and lighting fixtures and sculptural decoration of the park or park and paths, cobblestone pavement, marble countertops, and painted ceramic tile in the kitchen in country style. New technologies create new forms of stone and spatial solutions, thus opening up new facets of this amazing natural material.

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