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Powder Coating

Powder coating – a promising technology for deposition of decorative coatings on metal and other surfaces, which arose in 60 th – 70 th years of xx century. She got a lightning-evolved, and completely replaced from a number of branches of traditional paints and varnishes. This is explained by the fact that the powder coating outperformed other methods as soon as all the main parameters: cost, environmental friendliness, safety and reliability. Even in aesthetic properties of the coating powder coating ahead of liquid colorants. Environmental security – one of the main requirements of today to the production technologies. Powder color does not require the use of toxic solvents, but the process is organized so that the release of substances into the environment there is practically no. This immediately brought the powder coating on the leading position in the of decorative coatings for metal.

The second important factor is affordability. This concerns both the cost of the paint itself and the energy consumption required to operate the equipment. Powder coating can save up to 40% of energy is well tuned and rational use of nebulizers. Paint can be applied to the surface with only one layer – for liquid materials, it is unacceptable, the coating will unstable and quickly circled. But powder coating allows for high strength even at a single-layer deposition.

The cameras are installed powder coating recuperators – devices that return is not settled on surface of the paint products in the production cycle. Thanks to their work up to 97% of paint used for its intended purpose, and the rate of waste is minimal. In addition, all work on the powder coating can be automated – exactly work leading companies that provide similar services. This allows, firstly, to increase the safety of the process (employees do not come into direct contact with the coloring matter), and secondly, significantly increase the speed of powder coating and reduce the cost of its implementation.

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