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Software, hardware, network technology digital signage solutions require a high level of resources during the planning phase. The handling of digital information and advertising space inside many companies still in its infancy and leads quickly to the perplexity, when the system is first of all. The numerous providers in the digital signage market deliver comprehensive technical solutions that deliver the right system after appropriate research for all requirements. The real challenge begins after the battle of the technology”. How come the media for the digital poster? Who maintains the systems? How often the content is changed and who cares about the regular overhead? Not infrequently, responsibilities and tasks between marketing and technology be pushed back and forth and Anfangseuphorien evaporate. Only a few providers in the fledgling digital signage market just provide the service and operation solution for digital information media. The infotainment solution of Novartis Pharma Produktions GmbH in military planned, for example, already from the outset under the point of view of the content maintenance and service.

At the beginning of the technical planning and installation were, together with marketing specialists of the mCon solutions, directing and editing plans created and the long-term operating within the framework of Contentkonzepten and training. The Stuttgart-based company of mCon solutions stands for full service and complete concepts related to digital signage solutions. Already at the beginning of the project sit technical and marketing executives at a table and plan the way of software and hardware, network to the regular care of digital info – and Werbescreens. Not infrequently, external service providers are passed care and service of the contents of digital signage screens to to conserve resources and to take advantage of the expertise and experience of Serviceanbieteren as the mCon solutions. Numerous mCon content service modules provide individual update intervals for all requirements. The management and control of digital signage monitors of the customer is carried out through the mCon solutions content Center in Stuttgart. After defined direction and editorial concept or even ad hoc transferred all content on your site and provide attention, communication and effect as to the right time and the right place.

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