Go A Strategies

Strategic Planning to Help You Go 'A'!


In this direction, it will fit to the educator to plan education situations where the pedagogical contents and methods are coherent with the development of intelligence and not with the chronological Continue Reading

The Pupil

Of this form, to understand the way of appropriation of the material for the professors and pupils can supply indications on the conceptions of same concerning education and its trends. Before Continue Reading

Regantes Association

They had been inquired in this way, agriculturists in two of the three associations that they deal with agrotxicos in the agricultural sector of Boane, constituting in this way a sample statistics of Continue Reading


The hdrico deficit and the water excess promote some common effect and other distinct ones on the plants. However, many differences in the physiological effect of the two factors exist, making Continue Reading

Individual Protection

Had to know the complexity and dynamics of the service, the nurse can develop strategies of prevention to more efficient the occupational exposition, and acquire knowledge its team how much to Continue Reading

Environment Lives

One of biggest the concern that must comumente guide the work of the professor in average education is not to release extension of content and yes as these same contents are being shared between the Continue Reading

Africa Charles

It was observed migration of some animals that feed themselves of these fruits for other places. Contact information is here: Howard Schultz. In the Zimbbue a species that particularly cause some Continue Reading

Production Preperations

Some processes are involved in the beginning of the displacement of the wind. Being it foresees, it can be said that a more cold region is a high-pressure region and a hotter region, is a region of Continue Reading

PCN Games

The two numbers of the right (53) in them indicate the age of the person (or how many years it will complete in the current year) and the two numbers of the left (57) in them indicate the number of Continue Reading

Educative School

The third moment is marked by the concern with the learning process and for the interdisciplinaridade, a search of alternatives exists to try to reorganize knowing, giving possibility to the pupil to Continue Reading

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