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Strategic Planning to Help You Go 'A'!

Strategies For Starting A Business Online

In a previous article, I said that the answer to the following question: can I make money online? is that definitely Yes, you can make money. Today I would like to respond to those who are still Continue Reading

Brazil: Environmental Strategy

It is anticipated that, the new millenium, with the world-wide shortage of the water, this precious liquid goes merit more than petroleum. Nevertheless, in Brazil, a 80% of the sewage system are Continue Reading

Trading Strategy

Divergence (convergence) - the strongest signal to enter the market against the current trend! Often referred to as traders, and the divergence and convergence in one word Continue Reading


2,3 Strategies emergent and deliberated Being overcome as base the studies of Mintzberg (2000) the companies can develop its strategical composition in two ways: the call deliberate strategy and Continue Reading

Strategical Aiming Inside

Intention is of that it has governabilidade and that information for in such a way operational level are repassed how much tactician. This team of management of the plan must guarantee the necessary Continue Reading


Focus on being happy. The desire for happiness is the best of all plans. For this the most effective strategy is intentionally directing your thoughts toward the things that make you happy. And as a Continue Reading

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