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For Zamunr (1993), the use of the Cat scan Computerized in Implantodontia tends to be more frequent with the advent of softwares specific for jaw and jaw. Some of these programs had been developed Continue Reading


E-learning, or e-learning in Russia is growing in its development. Is there an e-learning, as a form of learning? Is it right to use this, borrowed from the English term? The answers to these Continue Reading

Contrary Light

To do this, the flask is filled with gas under high pressure to the filament does not evaporate at higher temperatures - and you can halogen bulb. Such lamps are used in a variety of projectors in Continue Reading

Smartphones Android

Smartphones and tablets have been made in the last years the devices of more popular games, but the games available for these platforms are by all means simple, given the obvious limitations. The Continue Reading

Double Fluorescent Inoculation

In reason of the constitution of its grains, the beans-caupi Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp, Fabaceae family (Delorit and Gunn, 1986) represents a natural protein source. The raised characteristic Continue Reading

National Industrials

A necessary executive of success to have excellent abilities of management, abstract reasoning, planning, communication, persuasion and administration of the time, among others. This makes of it one Continue Reading

True Type Characters

The great majority of scanners comes with at least a program OCR that can be used to extract text of pages printed, substituting itself thus the manual digitao. The main requirement of a OCR software Continue Reading

Study Of Eyes In The Terahertz Waveband

Study Of Eyes In The Terahertz Waveband

The retina is a branching of the optic nerve with the nerve endings in the form of Rod and cone cells. Cones, of which about 10 million, serve to distinguish the fine details of the subject and color Continue Reading

Media Player

Media Player

- Picture quality good-bye artifacts, grain, disappearing color, and the jitter at the bottom screen - bright, juicy big picture and the image size (in those days) brought people to the holy awe.) - Continue Reading

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