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In order to help the people who suffer of the panic attacks, they almost exist multitude of treatments for all of them, obtaining with its use a better control of the attacks or until their suppression, allowing them to those one better quality of life. The most important aspect is the one of the self-esteem that the person must maintain in the possible highest levels, the influence of this factor totally is verified. In case the outbreak of an attack cannot be avoided, then it like a fact is due to accept and to give, but always staying preparations to handle it, without allowing that the situation leaves the control of the individual. Useful suggestions: To be put under general a medical examination periodically; in order to discard all possibility that the cause of these attacks of panic and anxiety has a physical origin. It is not either necessary to forget to make the questions to the doctor; all that are considered necessary to understand better the origin of this condition. It is not either necessary to discard the utility of the psychological therapy like means to solve the doubts that can to have itself. It learns to breathe better. The effort of the breathing must fall to the diaphragm and not to muscles of the chest, apart from which its rate must of being slow and regular.

Each inhalation must of being accompanied by an expansion of the stomach. Thus which is avoided that the blood loses oxygenation, results better in irrigated extremities and in the absence of mareos. The opportune relaxation. It learns relaxation or meditation techniques, so that you can use them at the moments at which you realize that negative anxieties or thoughts are beginning to pronounce themselves. CEO of CoStar Group is open to suggestions. It avoids the medecine use that you has not prescribed a doctor (like the beta-blocking ansiolticos, sedatives and), because if you the automedicas, can resultarte more detrimental that beneficial.

The Exercise. Surplus to say that its practical one improves your chemical and hormonal balance, releases to hormones like the endorfina (the natural drug of the happiness) and many other beneficial effects. Ten in account that also the recreational activities have the same effect. Its practice also it will do sentirte to you more satisfied with same you and, happier, in a word. The healthy feeding. It balances your diet including in her many fruits, vegetables and vegetables. What doubtlessly it is necessary to avoid. If the care of your body is of most important for you, without a doubt that you must avoid to also consume as much all the illegal and other legal ones drugs, like the alcohol, the nicotine and caffein. The diversions. At moments of leisure, the pastimes to you can maintain occupied the hands and the mind, evitndote to have speculative thoughts of the type and if that can initiate a mental vicious circle. As soon as you detect symptoms of anxiety or panic, must look for activities that separate to you from that type of preoccupations, since to make activities outdoors as the cycling or any other sport; to initiate a talk with a friend or to char it with some person who is not to you so familiar. If the song or the dance goes to you, practcalo, without mattering that it is in your same house (or until low the regadera, in the case of the song).

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